What you will do if you’re Gmail Account is locked?

What you will do if you’re Gmail Account is locked?

Suppose you are going to send the message to your friends, relatives or someone else but suddenly you found that your Gmail account is temporarily blocked. This activity seems very embarrassing because on that time user didn’t know how to solve the blocking issue in Gmail. But here you have to know if Google found any suspicious activity or abnormal activity in your email account then it locked your Gmail account and you are not able to entertain with your email account.

Before the perfect solution of this locking issue you have to know the reason behind this:

  • Make sure if you receive, download and delete a large amount of email through POP or IMAP in short period of time then this type of issues has fluctuated.
  • If sends lots of messages to many people at a time then surely you have to face this type of problem.
  • If you synchronize your email account with many computers, mobile device and clients then your email account should be blocked.
  • Sometimes due to browser related issues this type of error seems. In that case, kindly clear your all browser’s cookies and cache
  • If you provide access to email, analytics services, browser’s extension which automatically logs into your account and creates trouble.

Now, what the user will do if he found his Gmail account has blocked or locked, locked out of Gmail forgot password? If this type of questions is still roaming in your mind then do one thing, keep following the steps below to get rid of your all problem and get reliable solution regarding Gmail account blocking.

1. The first thing you have to do is, immediately remove your POP and IMAP setting. For this:

  • If you have to disable the POP3 then access to the mailbox and here just click on Disable and after that click on Yes option in the warning message.
  • Similarly, for IMAP, access to the mailbox and click on Disable button and then just click on Yes.

Today, a common occur face by several peoples of can’t sign into your Gmail Account, but no worry and discover right thought for your problem with step by step.

2. The another way is to clear your browser’s cache and cookies for this:

  • Simply open your Chrome and click on more icon on your browser toolbar.
  • After that click on History and click on clear browsing data.
  • Once you enter in Clear browsing data, choose checkboxes for Cookies and site data and Cached images and files.
  • And finally, select the amount of data which you want to delete & click clear browsing data.

3. You have to cancel the access to all third-party apps and software.

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