What you will do if you are not able to send the mail in Outlook?

What you will do if you are not able to send the mail in Outlook?

Suppose you wrote an email to your friends, relatives, colleagues etc and after that, you click on send button but meanwhile, you notice that the message still stays in your Outlook folder and Outlook not sending the email. The Email stuck in Outlook is a most common issue which is faced by numerous of users on a daily basis. But behind this, there are many possibilities so that you are not able to send the messages in Gmail.

Process to send the email by Outlook Mail Account

Here I am sharing kindly follow the post which helps you to overcome the problem of how to send the email in Outlook.

  1. If you found your Outlook is disconnected, trying to connect it. Here you have to choose to Send/Receive > Preference > work offline to toggle between the online and offline mode. After that open the message and send it again.
  2. You have to also ensure that you are connected to the Internet. If is it not then surely you are emails not sending in outlook to anyone. To check this:
  • Open your browser which you use for your browsing.
  • Now enter one of the website in address bar (http://www.microsoft.com) (http://www.bing.com)
  • If you not able to reach these websites then check your internet connectivity setting and troubleshoot them.
  1. Sometimes due to large attachment of files users are cannot send emails from outlook. If there is a large attachment in your message like the picture, some file etc so it prevents you from sending that message.
  2. Make sure if you changed your password on the website for your email account so here you have to also change it in Outlook too. For this:
  • Go to file then account setting > account setting
  • After that on Email tab, choose your email account and finally click change.
  • Now enter the new password and click Next > then close > and the last click on finish
  1. You can also check with your email address provider and ensures that your email servers setting are up to date.
  2. Sometimes due to wrong username and password, this problem has occurred. So always enter your correct username and password.

Still facing any type of technical glitches, so just make a direct connection to technical specialists and solve your all issue regarding Outlook.

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