What to do, if you want to Create MSN Account on Computer?

What to do, if you want to Create MSN Account on Computer?

Today, we are living in an electronic era where we can share every information or file with the help of any mail service. A number of mail services available in the whole world. Some mail service gives a number of elements and facility to their entire client, some are free and another is paid. But we know everyone wants free mail service, after Gmail numerous user use to MSN mail account. But, he can take advantage of this mail service after sign up MSN account. If you have trouble to create a new account then you can learn every step in this post.

What is the use of MSN Mail Account?

MSN mail has important for everyone, they access to this mail service from any devices like Computer, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone etc. A client can use this mail service for personal or professionals message send and receive. By this mail service, you can share Images, Videos, File or other mail to your business client, friends or any person free of cost. Or you can say it is way to connect with a number of people.

How do I sign up new MSN Account?

Do you new use of MSN account or joining first time to MSN mail account? No stress, everyone can fix to create new MSN account problem by easy steps like

  • First of all, you need to open MSN website. You can type MSN on Google Chrome or any other browser where you will get website of Microsoft, Click on it.
  • Next, when this website will open then customer will search Create account button click on it.
  • Now, user can type Full name, email address.
  • Enter your strong password for MSN account.
  • After that type password, client will enter country.
  • Now, you can type date of birth and gender.
  • At present, type you mobile phone number.
  • Next, you can add secondary email address for recovery option to your MSN mail account.
  • Now, you can type verification code that mention in image.
  • Final, Create an account button.

These are the trouble-free instructions when you follow then you can definitely fix to your account sign up query. After sign up the user can quickly sign in MSN account without any problem. But, if you want more help related this difficulty then you can get in touch with technical experts they will help out.

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