What to do, if Gmail Quota Exceeded problem in Gmail account?

What to do, if Gmail Quota Exceeded problem in Gmail account?

Most of the people are using Gmail account to send and receive emails only, but some are using for many purposes such as mailing, video calling, to store important documents, private videos and photos. Gmail provides only 15 GB memory storage to every user account. But it is divided into several parts such as Google Drive, Gmail account, calendars, contacts, hangouts, maps etc. Generally, this storage memory sufficient for common people, but some people who are using Gmail accounts for office purposes can also extend the memory storage limit up to 30 GB, after paying the suitable amount of money. Whenever you cross the memory storage limit, it shows an error message that “Gmail quota exceeded limit”. You can resolve it by applying some necessary points to your Gmail account.

How to Resolve Gmail quota exceeded problem?      

If your Gmail account storage memory limit exceeded, you can’t send or receive emails. You can’t also upload more documents. So, it is necessary to delete some items to resolve this problem. We are providing some points which will help you to fix this problem.

Delete unwanted items

You can delete some unwanted documents, videos, photos which consume storage memory of the Gmail account.

Clear Google Drive

Google Drive consumes most of the storage memory of the Gmail account because it haves heavy videos, photos, and documents. You can store it another external memory. You can trash the documents which are not usable for you.

Delete Gmail Contacts

If you have uploaded contacts numbers on Gmail account, you should filter them and delete all unusable and copied contacts.

Remove unwanted emails

Users can also delete all unimportant emails which you have read before and there is no use. Google also automatically delete all emails older than 30 days.

Users who are facing this problem can also contact Gmail Customer Support Service for more help. They will help you and resolve your problems.

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