What Can I do if Gmail Account File Not Found?

What Can I do if Gmail Account File Not Found?

Numerous of user complain that they didn’t found their file or cannot solve their file attachment issue in Gmail. If user faces this kind of file not found, gmail not uploading attachments or file attachment issue that means your browser not supported, file size issue, encrypted files, and many more issues which create this type of problem and all users in trouble.

Solution to file attachment issue in Gmail with accurate steps

Here I share some basic troubleshooting steps which solve your file attachment problem in Gmail.

  • Make sure the Gmail offers 25Mb of capacity to send and receive the files but if you exceed this limit then surely you are not able to fix your unable to attach files in Gmail problem. In this case, you have to remove your file size. But if your file size is larger than 25MB then I suggest you to use Google drive link option in the email box.
  • Instead of using paper clip icon to attach a file, kindly use drag and drop option to attach your files in email.
  • If there is still Gmail attachment failed error then add your browser in another browser.
  • Another way to solve your issue is, disable the browser extension and add-ons then enable it again.
  • Either you can contact your internet provider or network administrator.

By following instructions you can normally get the solution of file attachment issue in Gmail and there also find help of Attach File in Gmail Desktop, Android Phone, etc.

If you found that you are not able to attach the file then follow here.

  • Go to your Gmail account and click on setting icon then again click on setting option.
  • Now scroll down and change the attachment to basic attachment features and finally click on save changes.

Now you can try to attach the files once again.

If still there is the error then try another way to get rid your issue such as:

  • First, you have to check which is the best suitable browser for your Gmail account. Some of these browsers are safari, internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.
  • Immediately clear the cookies and cache of your browser. For this:
  1. Open the Chrome browser, and click on more icon. Then you have to click to more tools then click on clear browsing data.
  2. Now click on cookies and other site data and cached images and files
  3. Then choose the amount of time which you want to delete and click on clear browsing data.
  • You can also turn off the extension if it is on in your browser.

By this way, you can solve your Gmail attachments not workinghow to open attachments in Gmail on android phone problem. But again if you found any issue then immediately contact to technical experts.

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