How to view the change history in Gmail?

How to view the change history in Gmail?

Suppose when we are using our computer system and mobile device for Google Services such as Google search, youtube, Google maps or any other search, which logged you into my activity. This kind of search is useful for those users who need to view their search history. But this information in My Activity causes a privacy concern for those users. It will help to the customer when he signs in or logs out to their account in the particular date and on devices.

Which user can view the changes?

Here the user can view their changes; they can see there all the details about changes. There is the number of ways by which user can view the changes:

  1. The user can view the changes by particular date range.
  2. Either they can filter the results by type of changes.
  3. Or they can see the changes for a specific campaign.
  4. If you give authority to any people who access your account, you can also use the tool to see who made the certain changes.

What to do if you are not able to change history in Gmail?

Might be possible some of the users are not able to change history in Gmail lack of technical skills if is it so, then no issue because here I am sharing some of the simple steps to make you trouble free regarding this problem.

But before that, we have to know what change history report display:

  • How was the change made?
  • When was the change made?
  • The Email address of that person who made change
  • Type some item or entity apply to.
  • Changes which occurred at the selected lower and scope.

We can also use change history for:

  • To verify that changes were made or not
  • To investigate, which action is improved or degraded a performance.
  • To see the changes

If you want to view the change history so keep following the steps below:

  1. First of all sign into Google
  2. Now click on Admin
  3. Once you enter the Account column, choose the account for which you want to view the history.
  4. After that click change History, here you find some of the change history lists:
  • Date Column: it describes the date and time of activity
  • Changed by Column: here user analytics perform the activity.
  • Change column: here you come to know, the object and what activities were performed.

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