Sophos Antivirus Blocking Websites Wrongly, How we can fix it?

Sophos Antivirus Blocking Websites Wrongly, How we can fix it?

Somebody told me that Sophos Antivirus is blocking websites wrongly. We thought he is mocking, but it’s true. Sometime Sophos antivirus blocks websites which contain viruses and malware and can harm to system’s data and private information. It blocks websites because it is a good antivirus and tries to provide 100% internet security. If you want to unblock the websites which have been blocked by antivirus, you can follow the method given in the article.

Why Sophos Antivirus blocks dangerous websites on your PC?

There are many different reasons related to this problem. We are highlighting some points that are responsible for blocking websites.

  • Sophos antivirus protects your system from external web threats.
  • It blocks malicious websites which contain viruses, malware and harmful files or software.
  • To maintain internet security.

How to reload blocking websites on PC using Sophos Antivirus?

If your Sophos Antivirus software is blocking some websites or it is necessary to browse them, you can follow the method which allows to brow these websites. Please read the following instructions.

  • Disable Firewall protection- Sophos blocks the websites on the initial point of internet connection known as the firewalls. They try to sniff all websites they are harmful or not to the system. If anyone contains malicious viruses, it will block that website. So first you should block firewall protection.
  • Allow all websites to load- You can visit in Sophos antivirus settings and check the restricted points. Allow all the websites to run properly.

For more information related to the Sophos Antivirus is blocking website problems. They can visit the Sophos Antivirus Customer Support Service.

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