How do I setup Google drive on Mac?

How do I setup Google drive on Mac?

The Google Drive is a file storage which is developed by Google in the year of 2012. Through this user can easily store the files in the cloud, sync the files and share the files. You can conveniently use the Google drive on your Mac OS, Android, windows iOS smartphones, and tablet. The Google drive offers 15 GB of free storage capacity so that users can maintain their documents, presentations, drawings, forms and many more things. This is a key component of G-suite which offers a monthly subscription for business and organizations with unlimited storage, advanced file auditing report, greater collaboration etc.

Use of Google drive

Through Google drive, the user can easily store and share the data using Google’s cloud storage system. If you install it on Mac then you can copy the data to it, organize it, and delete items from it. You can easily save the email attachment and photos directly to Google drive. Here the user can scan their all paper documents with the drive for Android. Click here how do I get Google Drive on my computer? If you want help to this kind trouble

How to set up the Google drive on Mac?

A user can apply to these 7 steps for easy set up to the Google Drive on Mac

  1. For this procedure, you have to create a Google account. Yet not create Google account? Then move ahead and create first Google account.
  2. After creating the Google account, users can create the Google drive and download the Mac app
  3. Now launch your web browser and go to, or, after that click on download button.
  4. After that scroll down and search for download option then select download for Mac.
  5. Here you have to agree on the term and condition and you will see the Google drive will be downloaded to your Mac.
  6. Once it complete, locate and double click on the installer which you download. This downloaded file is called installgoogledrive.dmg.
  7. Finally, click on drag the Google drive icon to the application folder.

Here you successfully set up your Google drive on your Mac. Now user can easily store the items which you want to save to the Google cloud. One of the best uses of this feature is, the user can easily sync their file from all the platforms such as Mac, iPods, iPhones, Windows, and Android.

Make sure, if you understood this process then it’s a good thing but if not, then you can directly contact to technical support for further support.

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