How do you set up New Windows Live Mail Account?

How do you set up New Windows Live Mail Account?

Window live mail is set of web services and software product of Microsoft office. It includes some specialized web services which are used for the mobile device, various computer programs that interact with the services and include web services. The client can easily access to this email account by simple instructions for this you require creating Window live email account. It is free procedures for its customer will not pay any charge.

The Windows live mail offers some of the mobile services for the user, some of them are:

  1. Window phone– in window phone it provides user free mobile phone backup solution and they can sync their calendar, contacts, photos, appointment etc.
  2. iOS– in iOS, it provides instant messaging functionalities. Through this, you can easily view your friend’s social feeds, profile and view their photos.
  3. Feature Phone– it also provides some of the customized services for featured phone also. It provides three channels for the user such as Client based, web-based and SMS based services.

Why Windows Live?

The Window live comes along with numerous of features this is the reason millions of users using it. Here you come to know various advantageous features of Window Live:

  1. It offers calendar App, which allows the users to organize their appointment, meetings and so on.
  2. The Window lives one webmail service called Hotmail but after it renamed with It is a free webmail service which uses the AJAX technology.
  3. It allows the users to add contacts with other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Process to sign up a new Windows Live Mail

But for a new user somewhere it is difficult to create a new Windows live account because of many possible reasons like lack of technical skills sometimes lack knowledge and so on. The customer can get in touch with Windows Live Mail Customer Support Staffs for setup to account.But set up a new Window Live account is not a big deal by following the below simple steps you come to know how do you set a Window Live account.

  1. First of all in Drop down menu, look top left corner where you have to select “Option” once you click on it here you found several other options. But you have to go with an Email account. Just click on it.
  2. After that one window will appear and click “Add Button”
  3. Now here click on “Email account” and then click on Next option.
  4. After that, enter your email address, password. Kindly tick on Remember this password box and also click on manually configure setting box. And here you see another option, Display name for your sent message, in this box you have to type your Full Name or Business name.
  5. After that configure your Server setting.
  6. Now click on Finish Button and then click on Close button
  7. And finally, email account appears to the left side of Window

It is sufficient for new account setup, after that a client can sign in Windows live mail account for using at personal or professional’s level.

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