How to resolve MSN Messenger Not working problem?

How to resolve MSN Messenger Not working problem?

Window live messenger, who is earlier called MSN messenger. MSN, as the name implies Microsoft Network which belongs to the family of Microsoft office. This messenger was firstly developed in the year of 1999. From that period of time to till now MSN messenger update & upgrade it so that today we can use it for various platforms such as windows, Xbox 360, Blackberry OS, Java ME, iOS, S60, and many other platforms having unbelievable features and services which get attracts to users.

What are the incredible features of MSN Messenger?

If you are an MSN Messenger then surely you are aware of its incredible features. Some of them are: it provides social networks integration, offline messaging is also possible, appear offline to individuals or categories, lots game, and application etc.

Why was MSN Messenger Not Working or shut down?

But unfortunately some of the occasions you might have experienced various technical issues and glitches regarding MSN Messenger. This problem will totally freeze your all work & users would not be able to overcome this problem. Well! I will suggest some of the beneficial steps so that you can easily know How to fix the issue of MSN Messenger.

Well! I will suggest some of the beneficial steps so that you can easily know How to fix the issue of MSN Messenger Not Working.

Check Date and Timing Setting

A number of times you can’t use to your MSN account through a little error make sure your computer date and time is not correct. So, a user can make use of these steps

  • Sometimes this problem fluctuates due to wrong date and time setting.
  • So, open your date and time setting, click control panel now clicking clock language & region and then clicking date and time.
  • Click the date and time tab and change it.
  • Then reboot your system and check it.

You have to disable your user account control

First of all, you need to disable your user account. If you don’t process then you can learn here

  • User account control causes the problem to stop logging into.
  • Now open user account by clicking the start button.
  • Then you have to click control panel, user account, and family safety.
  • Then again click user account.
  • After that move to slide bar which is “Never Notify” and reboot your system properly.

You can also disable your Firewall

If you MSN messenger is not working well then you can also disable your Firewall who will help out to working fine your MSN messenger.

  • Actually window firewall completely block the connection, so to get rid of this disable windows firewall.
  • For this, click the start button.
  • Under the search category, search Firewall.cpl and click on that.
  • After that click on “Turn window Firewall on or off”.
  • Click Turn off for Home & Public network.
  • Here you can open live messenger and test it.

Kindly check your Proxy setting

If you have tried to disable your user account and Firewall but you are not resolving to your problem then you can check your Proxy setting for fix your hitch.

  • If Proxy setting might be enabled in internet explorer which can cause an issue.
  • For disabling it, move on to tools and select internet option.
  • Then click “connection” and “LAN setting”
  • And assure that “Automatically detect settings” is enabled.

You can always get the help of can’t access MSN account by experts.

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