Outlook Web App Login Domain Address/Username and how to change?

Outlook Web App Login Domain Address/Username and how to change?

Domain name is a unique address of a website or internet service which helps in searching a particular website on the internet. You can easily access any website by typing username or domain name in an alphanumeric address (it means domain address contains some alphabets along with numbers). Because, we can easily learn and remember the alphanumeric address for a long period of time, but can’t remember numeric addresses. Computer use only IP address to access everything in the system which is a numeric quantity. Learning of all domain names in numeric is not easy for the human being. So, they use DNS (Domain Name Service) service which can change alphanumeric domain address to IP address and vice versa.

Outlook Login Domain /Username Address

Outlook web app is a Microsoft email service. It uses several domain names such as @hotmail.com, @outlook.com, @msn.com etc. You can easily create email account by using anyone domain address and also login into Outlook email account by using only username & password; there is no need to remember domain address. If users face any problem in a domain name, they can read the entire article which provides an efficient method to change the domain address into username or can also login without entering the full email address.

How to Login by using Username & Password only?

Most of the Outlook email users do not know the username or their domain name. So, sometimes they enter wrong information in email address box and face several login problems. You can easily login to your email address without entering the domain name.

  • Go to the Exchange eAdmin Center page.
  • Click on the Server tab available into the right side menu list.
  • Now, click on Virtual Directories.
  • It will show you a list of address, select and click on Outlook Web App tab.
  • Press mouse pointer on Edit icon available top of the programs list
  • After clicking, visit on Authentication Tab.
  • Select Use Forms-based Authentication and move into User Name Only button tab.
  • Select it, by clicking on User Name Only.
  • Browse and select a domain name from the system.
  • Close all configuration windows by clicking OK button.
  • Restart your browser and log in by using Username & password only.

For more customer support, users can also contact with Outlook Customer Support Service. There you can sort out your matter with the help of technical experts.

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