Mail Sending and Receiving problem in Bellsouth email account

Mail Sending and Receiving problem in Bellsouth email account

Whenever we discussing the excellence webmail service, the one and only advanced mailing platform is Bellsouth email. This service is provided by Yahoo which makes possible easy communication with others across the globe. If any of the users want to use it, simply access this on your mobile device or computer & start to experience its wonderful features and services. It offers you permanent email address in case if you change your internet service provider but your email address will remain same.

Some of Bellsouth Email convenient features are:

  • The Bellsouth email provides you personal address book so that you can easily manage your all email contacts.
  • It also offers vacation responder, simply enter the date and write the message which you like to send when email is received.
  • High-speed Internet connection service with modem service, video calling features and router services.

How to check a new user sending and receiving email limit in Bellsouth Email?

As we all know, every user can get numerous email from someone by Bellsouth email but if you don’t have knowledge number of the limit of message sending and receiving in Bellsouth Email then you should be know by this post. Bellsouth email gives the alternative to send limit (BellSouth’s sole discretion), and max 10MB per message to every client. If you cross to this limit then definitely you will face trouble related message transfer.

Fix to Bellsouth email sending & receiving problem by following instructions

But how we forget those issues which are always faced the numerous of the user regarding Bellsouth email. I know whenever we are working with any of the mailing platforms we have to face some kind of technical glitches. Some of the issues are very general which user solve my own. But some of the issues are very critical and solving that type of problem is not an easy task. Have to try to fix Bellsouth email sending and receiving the issue? and lost MSN Email, Unfortunately, this is not solved the users because it requires lots of technical skills and knowledge & which doesn’t use have. But here you can simply solve your email sending & be receiving problem by just following the below points.

  • The message you sent or receive taking lots of time? The attachment which you want to receive is not downloaded? Unfortunately due to lack of space this type of problem has occurred. Make sure, immediately remove or delete the unwanted emails which are resided in your inbox.
  • By mistake, the sometimes user adds some corrupted files which slow down your email account and prevents you from sending and receiving any kind of Quickly recheck your email account and disable all these corrupt files.
  • If there is any kind of suspicious threats in your email like a virus, malware etc then the user is not able to send and receive the email to anyone. Install the best antivirus which scans your all threats and solve your problem.

Check your browser where your Bellsouth mail is running. Always prefer Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome for this email. For more technical suggestion you can contact to Bellsouth Email Customer Support specialists they will give the instant answer.

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