How to Import and Export Contacts List into Gmail Account?

How to Import and Export Contacts List into Gmail Account?

Do you have yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook and another email account? Which contacts list you want to import into your Gmail account and recently you have created new Gmail account and wants to transfer or import old Gmail account list into new Gmail account but don’t know the process to importing the contact list into Gmail account. Don’t worry we will explain to your hitch in our post.

How to Import and Export Contacts List into Gmail Account?

Gmail has the solution of all problems. It is offering a complete method to importing contacts list into Gmail account from other email accounts or another Gmail account. We are sharing here complete process to import a contact list into Gmail account follow all given steps and successfully do this process by you. Click here for solution Contacts list disappeared in Gmail

Import contacts from another email account

If you have the email account, not in Gmail instead of other emails like yahoo, hotmail, MSN, Outlook, AOL and any other email service provider and you want to import contact list of all these accounts into Gmail then follow all given below steps:

  • Go to Google contacts option
  • Click More > import on the left side corner.
  • Now select email account where contacts are.
  • Click on I Agree on option
  • Sing into an email account.
  • Click on Agree option
  • When import process is done click on Ok

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Transfer or Import or Export contacts from another Gmail account

A user is searching answer to transfer or import or export contacts from another Gmail account, if you are one of them then you can use to following steps like

Gmail contacts export into a CSV File Format.

CSV is a simple file format to store all data in CSV format and a user can export to this file from Gmail account.

  • For export Gmail contacts you need to go google contacts.
  • Click on more > import top left corner
  • Select the contact which you want to exports, there is two option
  • “my contacts” this is the list which you have created by yourself.
  • “all contacts” this is the contacts you have created and other contacts you have emailed.
  • Now select Google CSV format.
  • Click on the export option to saving CSV file.
  • Now sign out from Account.

 Gmail contacts Import into a CSV File Format.

If you want solution to export CSV file format for import then you can get resolution here

  • For import contacts in CSV file go to Google Contacts.
  • Now click on More>Import.
  • Click on choose file option
  • Select CSV file.
  • Click on import

Am I unable to Import Contact List Gmail?

Unable to Import Contact List Gmail, if you don’t know procedures how to solve it then you don’t worry related this query because user can plainly find out explanation with advance technique like

  • Sometimes, email users have to face problem to import or export contacts list and they are unable to find the exact reason behind that problem so don’t worry we help you to find the reasons it can’t import or export contact list.
  • Common reasons are listed here if one of them to fix it.
  • More than 3000 contacts can’t be imported at a time so check your contact list is not more than 3000 if list long then you can split it in multiple CSV file before importing.
  • Check the size or storage limit for Google contacts.
  • If you are importing contact information in group or distribution list in another email provider then it can’t be transferred.
  • Maybe importing list already in google contacts so replace existing contacts information don’t make new email contact list.
  • Import file must be non-Latin or ASCII

By these effortless guidelines, every Gmail account user will without doubt import and Export Contacts List into Gmail Account and save to all contact list in CSV file.

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