How will you take the Outlook account backup?

How will you take the Outlook account backup?

We always perform the mailing activities as a personal reason and professional reason too. But unfortunately, in certain cases you’re all important emails, data, information etc will disappear. There is no any kind of magic indulged here but due to physical failure of your personal computer or some accidental errors, your all data would be lost. So what the user will do in that case? Obviously, you have to take the backup of your all data. But might be possible some of the users didn’t have to know what the term Backup means?

What is signifying of backup your important file?

In the simple word of we say, the Backup means making a duplicate copy of your important files. If you lose your any important data due to theft, the disaster like fire, floods, failure of PC and many more issues. If you are Outlook user then you can simply take the backup of your data with ease. The Outlook is an email application which is launched by Microsoft with some unique features. Some of its exciting features are:

  • In Outlook, you found the option of contact management feature, through which you can easily manage your all personal and professional contacts.
  • Easily schedule your all important meetings and appointments by the help of outlook.
  • The Outlook email account comes along with numerous of security options which protect your all data and information.
  • The outlook provides a keyboard shortcut for users so that they can save their precious time instead of typing.

It’s done! For further any query and problem just contact to Outlook Tech Support for a quick solution.

Solve problem to take the backup Outlook email by following steps

As discussed above through Outlook user can easily take the backup of their all important data and information. If you are new on outlook and didn’t know how to take the backup in Outlook then quickly follow the steps below:

  • First, open your outlook account and select the file then click on open & export. After that click on import & export.
  • After clicking on that, just select the export to a file and click on next button.
  • Then choose Outlook data file (.pst) and select next.
  • Then choose the mail folder which you want to take backup and click on next button.
  • After that what you have to do, just choose the location and name of your backup file and click on finish.
  • Finally, confirm your password so that no one can access your file & select ok.

It is enough to process to sort out Outlook email backup. A user can read here for How do I open an Outlook backup file?

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