How to Recover Your MSN Account by Setting up Recovery Code?

How to Recover Your MSN Account by Setting up Recovery Code?

How to Recover your MSN account by Setting up Recovery code?: MSN often called Microsoft Network or Microsoft live messenger which is a collection of huge internet services and apps i.e. basically designed for windows and mobile device. The MSN includes web-based programs and services which are obviously offered by none another than its Microsoft corporation. Today MSN give facilitate numerous of features and services which are provided by MSN only such as quick and instant messaging, email service, search engine, news and so on. If you are MSN user then you are able to synchronize your computer system with online services and you easily manage or organize your personal and professional work with ease.

How do I recover my MSN account password?

Make sure you are able to do these things only when if you properly login into account. But in case if you forgot MSN password so what will you do in that case? How to recover forgot MSN password? Why I can’t sign in to MSN account how to solve it? I know these types of question are roaming in your mind frequently but right now you feel helpless. Right! Assure that if you want a proper solution regarding this,

Keep following the ways below of MSN account recovery

  1. First of all, you have to know which email address you are using for your Microsoft account. Now open the Microsoft account password reset page from any of the browsers with the help of any computer, device or smartphones.
  2. Now here kindly choose I forgot my password option and click to next.
  3. In this particular field enter your email address which you use as your Microsoft account. But if you didn’t remember your email address, no issue, you can enter your mobile number over here instead of an email address & proceed ahead.
  4. Now for security concern, enter the text you will see and click on next button.
  5. After that, it’s time to choose one of the options among three. If you choose email address, so it will ask to enter your full email address for account verification.
  6. If you choose text option, then enter last four digits of the phone number for account verification.
  7. And last if you choose app option, then click next to bring up the enter your security code screen.
  8. But in case if you choose I don’t have any of these and click to next.
  9. Obviously, if you didn’t have any of the options, then you have to enter your name, date of birth, previous password etc for identification.
  10. Now doing this step you are capable of entering your new password then reenter the password and click next to the exit.

By the following procedure, a user can easily recover to their MSN mail account without any trouble. If you need technical advisor help then contact to MSN Technical Support Helpline they will give you all suggestion for your errors.