How to Contact Google Drive Support

Google drive is one of the most used cloud storage and file backup account in the world that has the capacity to store loads of files, pictures, movies etc. To access google drive, you need an active google email id. The files you store in Google drive can easily be fetched as long as you have a stable internet connection. Despite its great storage feature, many Google drive users face issues in operating it. There are some who complain that they cannot upload/download files in/from Google drive.

Everyday new issues keep on popping up which create unnecessary trouble for users. To tackle such issues, Google provides Google Drive support to address the issue with its product i.e. Google drive. You can easily get resolution with the help of Google Drive support. In this post, we’ll shed some light on different problems that are encountered by the users.

Various issues in Google drive

There are numerous problems faced by Google drive users on a daily basis. Here are some of those persisting issues that keep affecting the regular work of Google drive users-

  • Google drive not syncing
  • Google drive not responding/stopped working
  • Login problems in Google drive
  • Google drive unable to connect to the Internet
  • Google drive showing server error
  • Cannot store files on Google drive
  • Files in Google drive are not opening
  • Google drive showing error in loading
  • Google drive not showing files stored on it
  • Backup problem in Google drive.

The issues mentioned above can be solved easily. But there are certain problems with the Google drive that need the helping hand of an expert. These experts can be reached through Google drive support via their number. These Google Drive Technical Support experts will solve those issues for good in the minimum time possible. Let’s now understand how to fix some of these issues.

How to fix syncing error in Google drive

Fixing the syncing error is quite easy. All you need to do is click the sync icon in the bottom-right corner of Google drive. If you’re Mac users, the same icon can be found in the top-right corner. Once you click the sync button, the drive will fix the sync issues. Now restart your computer and go back to the drive where you need to click on the “backup and sync” option. Now disconnect your account and sign-in again. If the problem still persists then you should call on the Google drive support number easily available over the internet.

I can’t find a folder in Google drive. What to do?

In case you cannot locate the file you’ve uploaded in your Google drive account then you need to perform backup and syncing to get back the concerned file/folder. If you’ve recently moved the folder of Google drive to a new place on your computer then follow the instruction given below-

    • Click on the “backup and sync” icon.
    • Now click on the “locate” button present near the error message.
    • Select the concerned folder/file in the new location and open the same.
  • Now Google drive will get reconnected and you can easily see the missing file/folder.

Solve the issues related to Google Drive in very easy steps

Google provides cloud storage and backup facility in the form of Google Drive. The users can not only save their files but can also share and synchronize their photos, videos or any other files if they want to. However, sometimes, certain issues also arise with the Google drive such as syncing problems, temporary errors, sharing issues, etc. In this article, we have focused on some of the basic problems faced while using Google Drive and their easiest possible solution. But in case you feel like you are not able to fix them by yourself or the problems you are having are not mentioned here, you can also contact Google Drive customer support.

Most common errors faced by the users in Google Drive and how to solve them

Just like the advantages of Google Drive are so many more, so are the common errors. But the good thing is that most of these errors are very easy to solve and can be solved by the users themselves almost without much technical expertise. Have a look at some of these problems along with their solution.

1. I am running out of space on Google Drive. What can I do?

Well, there are two things that can be done to resolve this problem. First, you can clear the space in your drive by deleting those photos, videos or mails that are no longer important to you. If not, you can always buy additional storage space to fix the shortage issue.

2. I am getting temporary error 502. How to fix it?

This error occurs due to temporary unavailability of the documents and can be solved automatically within a few minutes. If the problem does not get solved automatically, you can contact the Google Drive customer service for additional help.

3. How to fix the syncing error between your computer and Google Drive?

You can do any of the following to fix the not syncing error of your Google Drive:

  • Click on ‘backup and sync’ on your computer, select more > quit backup and sync and then reopen backup and sync.
  • Reinstall backup and sync and download the latest version.
  • Go to backup and sync, select error – Google Drive folder is missing and then click disconnect account. Sign in again to connect the account once again.
  • Simply, restart your computer to fix the syncing issue.

4. How can I recover a lost file in Google Drive?

In case you have deleted the file accidently, you can restore it from the trash. However, if you cannot find the item in trash, you can check the activity panel or can perform an advanced search. However, you must know that if someone else has created the file or it is saved in a folder created by someone else, you cannot find the files, until and unless they share it with you.

5. How can I prevent others from sharing my shared files?

If you do not want the owner or any other person with the edit access to share your shared file, you can do so by making certain changes in the settings:

  • Click on ‘share’ or ‘share add people (symbol) button.
  • In the bottom right corner, select ‘advanced’.
  • Put a tick in the ‘prevent editors from changing access and adding new people’ check box.
  • Click on ‘Save changes’ and then select ‘done’.