Gmail Password Recovery and Reset Helpline

Oh! You forgot the Gmail password and you want to recover it and don’t know the solution to solve this issue, now don’t worry finer here solution to solving password issues by following some simple steps as given below. The password is the sole part of every web account, without a password, account access is not possible. The Gmail, especially giving much priority to the mailing security and they won’t allow you to access the account with a weak and insecure password. It is offering two ways to get lost password through mobile number and alternative email address.

Tech savvy’s assuring that the Gmail password recovery through the mobile phone number is comparatively easier as comparing with the alternative email address.

Gmail password Recovery or Reset through Mobile number

1. Open URL and see the link ‘Need Help’ that shown at the right hand bottom of the account. Now click on that link, that page will redirected you to a password recovery tab where you have to enter the email address and click on next

2. Over the next page verify the CAPTCHA character. If in case the CAPTCHA character shown over there is unable to identify you then click on the refresh icon for getting a new code

3. Now on the next page, Gmail ask you to enter the last password you remember. If you have no idea about it, then click ‘Skip’

4. Over the next page you have to verify the mobile will send you a verification code to your mobile number, verify that code and reset your password.

Gmail Password Recovery or Reset through Alternative Email Address

If phone number is not remember then don’t worry you can reset gmail password second way using your alternative email id which you have used at time of account registration. Follow given steps and gmail password reset help of these steps.

  1. First enter or into the browser.
  2. Now login box will be open below this right corner need help link is available just click on it.
  3. Need help page will be open where many options are available select as your requirement for password recovery click first option ”I don’t know password” after selecting it you will get two option enter last remember password or I don’t know so enter your last password box.
  4. Now it will ask you alternate email address which you have enter at time of account registration.
  5. Enter that alternate email address.
  6. Now check your email id you will receive password reset link click on it and reset new password.

Gmail Password Support Phone Number

Sometime users unable to recovery gmail password so they need to Gmail password support phone number where they can call or send their request so don’t worry you can find Gmail customer support phone number helpline