Gmail Attachment not Opening or Downloading – How to Fix it?

Like any other Email service, Gmail too offers file attachment options. But the problem arises when Gmail attachments stop working or when you can’t download or open Gmail attachments altogether. It’s a well-established fact that If you want to send a file through Gmail then you need to attach it first and then send it along with the email. However, there are exceptions in which you can’t send certain types of files through Gmail, for example, .exe (Executable) files are not supported by Gmail. So what would you do if Gmail attachments are not downloaded correctly? Or you can’t open an attachment in Gmail? To address this issue, we’ll be discussing the possible reasons and resolutions through which you can easily open or download Gmail attachments. The reader needs to follow the article to know everything about issues related to file attachments in Gmail.

Reasons why you can’t download/open attachments from Gmail

While there are many reasons why you are unable to download or open attachments from Gmail, some of the key issues that frequently keeps on messing with Gmail are  –

  • Software in your computer is deterring attachments downloading in Gmail.
  • Browser cache is causing the interruption.
  • Gmail server error (in rare cases).
  • Browser plug-in messing around with Gmail.
  • If you’re getting a warning message while trying to open a file on Gmail.

So to fix this issue, first, you need to make sure that –

  • Your browser’s cookies and history are cleared.
  • The browser supports Gmail (Update the browser if needed).
  • The unwanted plug-in is disabled.
  • Update to Gmail latest version (for Android phone/ iPhone).
  • Anti-virus is installed on your device to refrain the malicious file getting into the device.
  • Extensions are disabled.

On performing these steps, you need to refresh the browser and try to open/download the Gmail attachment. You can also go through the details given below to know how to download files from Gmail. Alternatively, you can always take the help from Google.

How to Download Attachments to your computer / Google Drive?

  • Go to the Gmail with the help of web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.
  • Open the email from which you want to download the file.
  • Go to the thumbnail of the file at the bottom of your email and click on the download button to download it to the computer or else you can save it in Google drive using the save to drive button next to download one.

How to Open Attachments in Gmail on Android phone?

  • Download the Gmail app on your Android phone (update the app if already downloaded).
  • Open the email from which you want to download the file.
  • Click on the download button to download the file to your phone.

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