How can I Sync. MSN account on an iPhone?

How can I Sync. MSN account on an iPhone?

We know that MSN is widely used email system for years but sometimes it has difficulty in syncing the programs and mobile devices. But today Microsoft rebranded their MSN services as Outlook. If any of the user who wants to enjoy this kind of features and services so you have to access your email through IMAP. Because the POP was the earliest using method but now outlook introduced one of the most proficient called IMAP.

Here we have to know why IMAP take place of POP

Basically, when POP was developed the developers didn’t notice one thing, it doesn’t use for multiple devices. It designed for frequent access to email via the single computer. Sometimes due to POP all email folders would loss and recovery of this became a painful exercise. On another hand, in IMAP you can multiple computers or email programs. In case if your computer gets fails so all the messages as it is stored on the server. This is the reasons why MSN becomes more popular among the user as compared to MSN now a day’s.

What are the methods of Sync the MSN account in iPhone?

In this post, I will let you know how to Sync the MSN account in iPhone.

  1. First, go to your setting icon and click on that.
  2. After that click on email, here you find the option of Account, click on it
  3. Now tap Add account
  4. Now select as mentioned above.
  5. Once you select it, a login page will appear. Here you have to enter your email address and click next.
  6. After entering your email address, it’s time to enter your password. Make sure if you forgot your password, then log in to your account for resetting your account. After that click on sign in button.
  7. Now click Yes, because for permission to iOS to access your data.
  8. Here you have to select which data you want to access on your iPhone. Choose as per your choice to sync your email, contacts, calendars, and reminder with MSN.
  9. Then move to your email in iPhone, the account is creating is available here.

Once you clearly follow the above steps, surely you are able to sync your account in iPhone. But in the case facing any glitches or problem don’t forget to call technical experts.

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