Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Receiving Error


Fix Yahoo Mail Receiving Error In A Few Simple Steps: Yahoo mail provides very friendly services and sending and receiving emails is quite simple. However, sometimes it occurs that you are not able to receive message in your inbox. There can be different reasons behind this error such as browser issue, problem with the mail app, etc. Regardless of the reason behind this problem, there are very simple methods that can help you in fixing it without any technical expertise. In this article, we have discussed about such methods. So, if you are also facing error in receiving yahoo mail, go through this article.

Different Ways of Fixing The Receiving Error in Yahoo Mail


Below here are provided some of the easiest possible ways of resolving the Yahoo Mail Receiving Error that the users can follow whenever they are stuck with it.

  1. Scan Yahoo account to fix this issue

The basic problems related to Yahoo including the ‘yahoo email not receiving’ error can be resolved by running ‘quick fix tool’. This tool scans for the problems for around couple of hours and then automatically fixes the issue.

Follow these steps to run the scan:

  • Go to the Yahoo Mail Quick Fix tool.
  • Select the problem you’re having.
  • Enter an alternate email address, different from the one you’re trying to fix.
  • Enter the verification code shown.
  • Click Create Request.
  1. Check for problems with the Yahoo account

The yahoo mail receiving error can be related to any error with your account. Try to send a message to yourself and if you receive any error, check and fix the account settings. The browser you are using to open the email account should also be up-to-date.

  1. Check the settings of Yahoo account
  • Make sure that your messages are not being received in the spam folder.
  • Make sure your reply-to address is blank.
  • Check if you haven’t added the sender to your block list.
  • Check your filters to see if the emails are arriving in another folder.
  1. Check the internet connection

If there is no error with your Yahoo account then there might be the possibility that the error in receiving yahoo mail is due to intermittent internet connection. Check for the same and resolve the problem.

  1. Check the email account of the sender

There can be problem from the sender’s side due to which you are not receiving Yahoo mails. Ask the sender to check if he/ she is entering your email id correct.

Yahoo mail receiving error on your mobile device

In case your Yahoo mail is working fine on your laptop but you are not able to receive mails on your mobile app, do the following:

  • Update the mail app installed in your device.
  • Try signing out and then signing in again into your account.
  • Make sure that there is no syncing issue.
  • If nothing else works, uninstall and reinstall the app.
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