Yahoo Mail Attachment Issue & Ways To Fix File Attachment Problem In Yahoo EMail


One of the foremost benefits of using Yahoo as your premier webmail service is that it allows you to send an email with the attachment of size up to 25 MB. However, every now and then we can find the Yahoo mail users encountering different Yahoo Mail attachment issues. If you use Yahoo Mail for the business purposes then it is crucial to have Mail attachment feature in working condition because you may have to send an attachment with almost every email. In this tutorial, we will discuss various Yahoo Mail Attachment issues and steps by which you can get rid of these issues with ease.

Different Yahoo Mail Attachment Problems


The problems in Yahoo Mail attachment can be very diverse in nature. Some of the Yahoo Mail attachment issues reported by the Yahoo users are as follows:

  • Unable to attach files to a Yahoo Mail.
  • Not able to download the attachment in Yahoo Mail.
  • Yahoo Mail attachment not opening.
  • Unable to attach large files in Yahoo Mail.
  • Downloaded attachment not opening in Yahoo Mail.

Apart from these issues, there are many more problems that can occur due to Yahoo Mail attachments.

How to fix Yahoo Email attachment issue?

Whatever be your Yahoo Mail issue if it is related to the attachments then you can sort it out by following the steps given below:

  1. First of all, make sure you are connected to a fast and uninterrupted internet connection.
  2. Upgrade your web browser to the latest version. It is possible that the old and outdated browsers may not be properly configured to open an email attachment in Yahoo.
  3. If you don’t have Adobe reader program then you should download and install it properly. It is necessary to have Adobe reader in order to open the attachment in PDF format.
  4. Your Antivirus software and firewall settings can also block the opening of a Yahoo Mail attachment file. If you are finding it difficult to download and open the attachments in Yahoo Mail then you should disable your Antivirus and firewall settings temporarily.
  5. If you have random add-on or applications installed in your browser then it can also create issues in opening Yahoo Mail attachment. You should disable these add-ons or applications one by one and check if the problem continues or not.
  6. In case the problem continues then it is better to contact the Yahoo Mail customer service.

Other Important points to remember

  • Before making any changes to your browser you should make sure that you are using a browser compatible with Yahoo Mail. Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge browser are readily compatible with the Yahoo mail.

Note: Internet Explorer (IE) browser is no longer compatible with the Yahoo Products.

  • Don’t forget to restart your computer after making any major change to your firewall or antivirus settings.
  • If you are facing Yahoo Mail attachment issue in Yahoo Mail App then you should update the installed application.
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