Solutions with Step By Step How to fix Yahoo email not receiving emails?


Yahoo Email Not Receiving Emails: Yahoo is a formidable webmail service having millions of users around the world. What makes Yahoo email better than most of its competitors is it’s exemplarily fast and secure services. Despite all these benefits Yahoo email is far from being absolutely flawless. There are many errors and issues that can occur in Yahoo email on quite a frequent basis. One such issue is users not being able to receive the email in their Yahoo email account. If you are also a Yahoo user and your Yahoo email not receiving emails then you should read this post till the end.


Here, we will take you through the various possible reasons why your yahoo email not receiving email and how you can fix this problem with ease.

Why is Yahoo email not receiving emails?

There is a large number of possible reasons why your yahoo email might not be able to receive the email messages. Nevertheless, we can classify these possible reasons in the following two categories.

Problems with your Yahoo email account

It is quite possible that your Yahoo email account itself be the reason why your yahoo email not receiving emails. The common problems with email accounts as follows:

  • Your Yahoo email account might be blocked by Yahoo for spamming or some other reasons.
  • There might not be any free space left in your Yahoo mail account for new incoming emails.

Problem with your Yahoo account settings.

  • Your yahoo email account might be set to send all the incoming messages to the spam folder.
  • You might have mistakenly blocked the sender.
  • Your Yahoo mail filters might be filtering the incoming emails.
  • Improper POP or IMAP configuration if you are importing messages from other email accounts.

How to fix Yahoo email not receiving emails?

Here are the steps you may follow in order to be able to receive the message on your Yahoo mail account.

  1. First of all, check your spam folder as it is possible that you might have yahoo settings that might be sending the new incoming messages to the spam folder.
  2. Check your Yahoo blocked list and make sure you haven’t accidently blocked mail senders.
  3. Have a look at your Yahoo mail filters to make sure that the new messages are not getting filtered out.
  4. Also ensure that your “reply to address” field is blank under the Yahoo mail account settings.
  5. Make sure that your Yahoo account must have proper POP or IMAP configuration.
  6. Contact sender to ensure that he/she is entering your full email address correctly.
  7. Request senders to contact their email service provider to check if their email account is working properly.

You should be able to receive emails on your Yahoo mail account after following the above mentioned steps unless your account is blocked by Yahoo itself.

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