What you will do if Outlook is not working in Chrome?


As we know the Outlook is free webmail service provider & which is an integral part of Microsoft. The Outlook was formally known as Hotmail and Window live Hotmail. This is an email application which includes some of the best features like note taking, journal, task manager, contact manager and so on. A user can use to these all of the features from any devices like (Computer, iPhone, Android Phone, etc).

Describe some of the amazing features and services of Outlook:

  1. Through this, you can send email attachment up to 20MB because it offered massive storage of capacity.
  2. Here you can create your Digital signature and make it fabulous by using the business card, hyperlink and be adding some pictures too.
  3. In Outlook you can easily organize your calendar and fix yours as daily activities such as meetings, appointment etc.
  4. The Outlook comes along with numerous of security features so that no one can easily hack it.

And many other features are there which is facilitates by Outlook.

How do I troubleshoot Outlook?

But in some of the scenario, we have seen that the outlook stopped working, Outlook is not working in Chrome or any other browser. Indeed there are some technical glitches which create this type of trouble. Make sure if you experience this type of issue, just follow the steps below to make you trouble free regarding Outlook.

  1. The first thing you have to know the Outlook is perfectly working in the newest version, so kindly update it.
  2. Here you have to know which browsers are best suited for Outlook:
  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  1. If the Chrome browser is not supporting then immediately turn off your browser’s extension or uninstall it.
  • Go to Chrome
  • Then click on more icon, after that click on more tools
  • Once you click on more tools, here you find the option of extension and next to extension there is the option of remove.
  • Click on remove
  1. Sometimes due to cookie issue, you are not able to Outlook account not responding in chrome. If is it so then follow:
  • First, open your Chrome
  • Then go to setting option
  • Now click on show advanced setting
  • In privacy setting, you find the option of content setting
  • Then click on all cookies and data site
  • There is the option of Remove all just click on it.

If again facing this, then get ready to solve your issue through technical experts.

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