What to do, a Gmail User for Phishing Activities and how you can avoid them?


What is phishing? Do you know, if never then I will explain you? Mostly, it problem face by a number of Gmail users and by this user can face the biggest trouble of personal information. It can be typically through various sources like any email address, some ads, or my website that appears to sites you already use or user can understand by the following example as anybody will send you email or ads or website from your bank so he will ask some information about your bank account, credit cards, debit cards, date of birth and personal details. The user will get it phishing on their mail account anytime, and as you will put any information then they will challenge your account security.

How are phishing attacks dangerous for Gmail users?


From a number of days, the phishing attacks are one of the common occurrences of business or person users. Whenever, a client will open to this mail then it email or site will open in a form like credit or debit cards information, email address, password, D.O.B, Usernames and passwords, a PIN of your ATM, Social Security numbers, Bank account numbers or other related information. Users can apply to smart way of advance technique like stop junk mails, filtering spam, and don’t entertain unknown website, ads, etc. It will help you with phishing attacks.

How can you report phishing emails?

It is very easy process by some advanced methods; if you don’t know then you can apply to following steps like

  1. First of all, a user will on a computer, and now opens your Gmail id.
  2. Now, the client will open the message.
  3. Next, you need to Reply and click the scroll down.
  4. The final step, get on Report phishing.

These are the simple way to solve your report phishing emails error. If you follow all these steps then you can quickly fix your hitch.

How to avoid phishing attacks by users?

A user can avoid phishing attacks problem carefully every time and give their personal information without any problem by following guidelines:

  • First of all, if you get numerous emails or link from the unknown site then don’t click on this links or provide any personal details.
  • Now, if the sender has a Gmail id then you can report to this Gmail address abuse to Google.

How do you report a suspicious email?

You can also try to follow guidelines like

  • First of all, make sure that the email address and the sender name match.
  • Now, confirm the email id
  • Check if URL of the link doesn’t match then it is a phishing site.

It is processed to avoid or report a suspicious email by every client. By we know a number of clients looking where do I report phishing emails? If you are one of them then you can ask your question to technical experts they will definitely help you the reason they are talented in this field.

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