What can I do if I got an Error in Gmail?


Usually, when we are working with Gmail some unconditional error has been occurred like “temporary error” or “oops” type errors. If you are the regular user of Gmail then might be possible you will know how to solve it but it is difficult for any new user. Through this post, you will find the complete solution regarding this error.

What can I do if the temporary error has occurred?


This temporary error has occurred only when if you are not able to sign in your Gmail account. if you are continuously trying to sign in your Gmail account, suddenly you receive e-message i.e. error 502, Gmail Error Code 758Gmail error code 8770 which intimates the users when you are trying to sign in Gmail account, right now your email is temporarily unavailable. In this scenario you have to wait for some time then try to sign in your Gmail account.

How do I solve my “oops” error?

Make sure this oops error occurs due to Gmail labs feature so immediately disable your Gmail lab. If you do not know how to disable the lab in Gmail then look beneath where I share few simple steps to disable the Gmail lab.

  • First, you have to open your Gmail account by entering your email address and password. Then go to the top right side where you find the wheel like a picture which is called setting icon, click on that. Now scroll it and click on setting option.
  • Under the setting option, you have to search for lab tab and click on that. After that next to lab, you found the option of disable lab just click on that.
  • Once it was done, click the save changes.

If your problem will solve by using these above steps then its ok, otherwise you can try these below steps to resolve your problem.

  1. Immediately check your browser which you are using for your Gmail account, because Gmail prefers some supported browsers such as internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc. These are some supported browsers in which Gmail is perfectly working.
  2. If you installed some of the extensions or add-ons the surely it prevents you to send or receive the messages in Gmail. So, what will you do? Obviously quickly turning off these extensions and applications one by one.
  3. Try to clear your browser’s cookies and cache. For this, open your Chrome browser and click on more then click on more tool. After that hit the clear browsing data option. Now click on cookies for other site data and cached images and files option. Now you have to choose the amount of data which you want to remove and finally hit the clear browsing data.
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  1. I am lost my Gmail password… And I recover my password and small is Google couldn’t verify that this account belongs to you…. Please help sir… Please please please


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