How do you use Gmail Offline in your Browser?


Well! We all know that if we are connected to the internet then anyone can access their email easily. But have you ever think, without internet connectivity you can also access your Gmail in the browser? Seems shocking? Yes! But this is just not a rumor; you can easily access your email in the absence of internet connectivity. Make sure with Gmail offline you can compose new messages if you didn’t have an internet connection or if your connection is slow or unreliable.

What are the advantages use of Gmail offline?


By the help of Gmail offline your can handled your all browser’s activity and apart from this you can read, delete, label, and respond to each and every mail without the internet connection. But here the question how you perform your mailing activity without the internet? Simply its answer is once you enable your Gmail offline then you are capable of using Gmail without the internet.

How do I access Gmail offline?

Enabling Gmail offline is quite simple but it is available only in Google Chrome web browser which is able to works with Linux, Mac, Windows, and Chrome books. Here I am sharing few of the steps so that you come to know how to enable the Gmail offline.

  1. First, you have to install the Google Offline extension for your Google Chrome.
  2. If the App is installed then move to same extension page and just click on visit website.
  3. After clicking that, a new window will appear, and here you have to choose to Allow offline mail radio button.
  4. And finally, you have to click continue option so that the Gmail offline mode is open.

Once you did it, the Gmail looks the little bit different in offline mode as regular mail. If you want to open Gmail in offline mode, simply go to your chrome app through chrome: //apps/ URL, and select the Gmail icon. Make sure, if you didn’t want to use it then simply you can uninstall Gmail offline. Read more for Gmail offline not working

You can also specify how much data you keep for offline. See how:

  • Open your Gmail offline and go to setting icon and click on it.
  • Now choose different options from the Download email from past in drop-down menu.
  • Finally, click Apply to save the changes.
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