Unable to Sign in to Windows Live Mail or make Login to Live Mail Account – How to Solve it?


Even though Microsoft provides a very clean and user-friendly interface for windows live mail, still users face many windows live mail log in problems from time to time. There are many possible reasons why a user cannot sign in to window live mail such as forgotten password or account getting hacked etc. Considering the importance of email accounts these days, it becomes quite frustrating for a user to face such issues. In case you are also not able to login into livemail.com or you just want to know how to login to live email account then this article can be very helpful for you. As here, we are discussing several possible reasons behind the Windows live mail login errors and steps to solve them.

Various possible reasons behind Window live mail Sign in errors.

  1. User forgets the password or username: This is the most common reason behind the window live mail sign in errors. This issue can be sorted out easily by resetting the password of your windows live mail.
  2. The Account is compromised: Although breaching the Microsoft security is considered very tough but in case you cannot sign in to windows live mail even after entering the right password then it indicates that your account might be hacked.
  3. Error with the browser: Sometimes due to various bugs in the web browser users have to face login error. Shifting to another browser can help you in such cases.

Resetting the password of windows live mail account can sort out most of these issues for you. But there are some solutions you may try before resetting windows live mail password.

Steps to try before resetting the password

  • Checking the caps lock: Sometimes user forgets to turn off the caps lock before entering the password. Make sure that your caps lock in not on when entering the password.
  • Check the combination of username and password: Sometimes users are sure about their password but not that sure about the username, please ensure that you are entering the right combination of username and password.
  • Try clearing the cache and cookie of the browser: In case you are wondering why I can’t sign into windows live mail even after entering the right password and username, then the issue might be related to your web browser. Try clearing the cache memory and cookie of web browser and re-login to check if the issue got resolved.

How to Reset Windows Live Mail Password?

In case you are wondering How to use windows live mail without signing in? Then, unfortunately, it is not possible. You have to find a way to sign to your window live mail account in order to use it. Also get the solution from Windows live Mail Customer Service experts

Follow the steps mentioned below to reset windows live mail password

  1. Visit the Microsoft sign in page and enter your email id.
  2. Click “Next” followed by “Forget my password” link.
  3. Now you have to choose the reason for “why I can’t sign into Windows Live Mail”.
  4. Choose the possible reason and click “Next”.
  5. Now select the password recovery option which can be your email or phone number. Select “I don’t have any of these” in case you do not have access to recovery email or phone number.
  6. Enter the security code that you will receive on your phone or email.
  7. After entering the security code follow the instruction that will appear on the screen and your password with get reset.
  8. If you have chosen “I don’t have any of these” in the 5th step then you will be asked to answer some security questions. Answer every question and Microsoft will review the submitted information and provide you the access if the information provided by you will be sufficient.
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