Unable to Change Gmail Account Profile Picture?


Are you the Gmail account user who need help to change Gmail profile picture but don’t know the process to change it don’t worry by this post you can get the complete procedure you can remove the old picture and replace it with new. When a user sets a picture in their Gmail profile then it will attract to another email client. Follow all given steps and successfully change Gmail profile picture.

How to Change your Gmail Profile Picture?


If you have trouble to set or change/replace profile picture in their personal or professional’s email account then try to following procedures:

  1. Login in Gmail account.
  2. Click on settings option right side upper corner.
  3. Now click on settings option.
  4. In the “my picture” setting section click on change picture option.
  5. Click on select or upload a new picture option
  6. Crop the image which part you want to show.
  7. Now click on apply change option.

It is trouble-free ways to solve profile picture set up in their Gmail account, a user can resolve to their picture setting problem. Click here to identify method to add Signature in Gmail on Computer, Android Mobile, and iPhone

The process to Change the Visibility of picture:

  • Open Gmail account
  • In the top right corner, click on settings option
  • In the “my picture” section click on visibility option.

A client can also find out a solution to change the visibility of pictures in their Gmail by Gmail Customer Support Helpline, where you will get instant solution.

The methods visibility is two types of Gmail users choose as their requirement:

  • First is visible to everyone: your profile picture show to sender or receiver of emails.
  • Visible only to people I can chat with: this can be chosen if you want only chat people can see your picture.

But sometimes users know the procedure to change the picture but they feel problem to upload a new picture in Gmail account when they try to change profile picture then uploading error is show “make sure it’s a jpg or png or gif” and second error option is “error uploading image”. Both errors solutions are available you need remember some points like

What to do when you want to upload an image in Gmail?

  • Check your internet connection is installed properly
  • The Internet may be slow so check it.
  • Logout from Gmail account again login and try to upload an image.
  • Update your browser chrome or Mozilla, it should be the newest version.
  • Remove all cache and cookies from your browser.
  • Close and reopen the browser.
  • Go to extensions and disable all of them. Maybe it will be interrupting to upload image
  • Temporarily disable the antivirus may it will create problem to upload the image.
  • Image size should not to be large, it should be as preferred by Gmail.
  • Try to a different browser to change the picture.
  • Check the picture is in right format png, jpg or gif.

So above mention points can be helpful to you if unable to upload a profile picture in Gmail account, if the problem is not solved then you should be connected with Gmail support or forum where users easily put their question and get the best solution by Gmail helpline.

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