How Sign in to multiple Gmail accounts?


Gmail is coming top free email service provider and the reason is it is always trying to add some beautiful and exciting features and all that features are most useful and helpful for users to do their day to day activity. All Gmail account features signing into multiple accounts at once or switches Gmail account in the same browser is one of the most useful features which is offering by Gmail team. It is the features where users can open multiple Gmail account on same browser at once and easily switch one email account to another for example if you two email account one is personal and other is professional and you want to open both of email account at a time so don’t need to sign out one account to check emails of other second email accounts, you can login both of email account at once if you are Gmail account user.

Process to login into multiple Gmail account


If don’t know the process to login into multiple Gmail account once so get here a complete procedure to login into multiple Gmail account at once in the same browser, just follow all given steps and successfully do this process:

First login to your Google Gmail account. Process to add your Gmail account –

  • Sign In to Gmail.
  • Click on your profile picture or at the top right corner where email address is showing
  • Over the mouse on for drop-down menu, now click on Add account option.
  • Enter your username or email address and Password of second Gmail account, now finally click on Sign In option.

How to Switching Between Gmail Accounts

  • Click on your profile picture or email address available top right corner of the Gmail page.
  • Now select the account which you want to access or use.

Types of Using Gmail Account are:

  • Personal account: It is using to sending emails to friends, a family where you can manage your personal schedule.
  • Business email account: It is mainly used to sending emails to all your co-workers, scheduling the business meeting with clients and co-workers.
  • Sports email account: It is used to sending emails to all teammates where you can schedule the time of the game.

Always make Difference between multiple Gmail Account Sign-In

  • You must be using different profile pictures for each of Gmail account of use different theme for each email account.
  • Gmail Multiple Sign-In feature does not work everywhere
  • Multiple sign-in is one of the most useful features which offered by Gmail but some places it doesn’t work such as Google mobile version products and some of the Google products so what can be the solution? Know here some points as mentioned below:
  • You should try some different internet browser for different email accounts.
  • Use incognito window which offered by Google Chrome for the signing purpose into your other email account.
  • Must be trying to use multiple profiles on chrome browser

Process of Signing out Multiple Gmail Account

When you signing out from one Gmail account so it may cause that all open email account signing out in the browser so you can sign in again just follow the process as given below:

  • First, open your Gmail account page
  • Click on the profile picture or email address as available at the top right corner of the login email address
  • Now click on signout option
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  1. I had multiple accounts on a mobile game….castle clash. I cannot access one of the accounts as of today. I used it everyday, multiple times. I’ve spent plenty of money on the account I’m locked out from. Restore my access, or refund every single dollar I spent. And leave my accounts alone. Igg explained how you may have marked my account as inactive, even though that is inaccurate.


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