How to Sign In and Out of the Google Hangouts Chrome extension or App?


You can easily sign in and out of the Google hangouts chrome extension or app at any time, on Chrome OS, Windows, Mac or Linux. A number of customers are facing same error to sign in and sign out the Google hangout, if you don’t know the process then you can get here complete method to do this process successfully by following some steps as given below. just follow all that steps one by one and learn the process of Sign in and Out of Google hangouts.

How are Google Hangouts helpful for Gmail users?


Numerous customer wants knowledge to this question like how to use to Google hangouts and how it supportive for everyone. It is a feature of Google, a client can use to this elements after sign in Gmail account which is free of cost for anyone. The customer can use to this feature for making phone calls, face to face video calls and share photos.

Process to download the hangouts extension or app

If you are planning to use Gmail hangout feature then you need to first download and after that, you can use to this Google elements.

  • Download Google hangouts on Chrome
  • Hangouts chrome extension
  • Hangouts chrome app
  • Next click on Add to Chrome> Add
  • Now extension or app will be automatically open.

If you will feel issue to run into problems installing or need the recommendation for How do I switch users on Google Hangouts?How do I add hangouts to my toolbar?  then you can visit the chrome web store help center.

How to Sign into the Hangouts extension or app?

Users can easily sign into the hangouts extension or app at any time and you can only sign into one email account at a time but you can use multiple email accounts to use Google Hangout.

Open the Hangouts extension

  • First, open chrome.
  • Now at the top right click on the Hangouts extension.

Open the Hangouts App

  • First, open chrome.
  • On bookmarks bar click on apps or type chrome://apps in address bar
  • Next click on the hangouts app

Sign In to Multiple accounts on hangouts at the same time

There is no option to login into multiple accounts from one hangouts application on your computer but chrome profile provides an option to log into multiple accounts and have more than one instance of the hangouts extension or app open at the same time.

  • First, open chrome
  • Sign in to chrome
  • Install the chrome extension or chrome desktop app
  • At the top of the right, click on the button with your name, email or people
  • Click on switch person
  • Next click on add person.
  • Install the chrome extension or chrome desktop app

How to sign out of the hangouts extension or app?

You can sign out of the hangout extension or app at any time. if you are signing into Google hangout so you can sign out in the easiest way, follow given process stepwise

  • Go to the hangouts extension or the hangouts app
  • At the top left click on menu
  • At the bottom click on exit.

Every user can get more and additional suggestion for this kind error by helpful these routes, it will save your time and you can fix to your hitch in the right way.

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