How do I set up Gmail account through Mac mail application?


Today email became an integral part of our life because it made the things easier, faster and convenient. We can use the email for a multi-purpose such as: for communication with friends, colleagues and business partner, collection recipients and newsletter and many more things. Looking at all these things you required an excellent app to organize and manage your email activities.


The “Gmail for Mac” make your all emailing activities in an efficient and convenient way to that you can easily perform your all activities without any issue. This Gmail for Mac is most widely and popularly used the email client for Mac. This is very well used for personal email account because it is enriched with numerous of features and services. Through this feature, you can easily reply or forward messages from any other webmail services. This setting of Gmail with Mac mail will simplify your workflow. In this post, you can also find out solution of both issues like

  • Apple email Gmail settings
  • Add apple email to Gmail

Process of beginning Gmail account in apple mail by straightforward technique

The procedure of establishing Gmail account in apple mail is not a big task because Gmail supports some of the standard protocols and in the same manner apple email support same methods of communicating with the Gmail servers. The user can simply add the Gmail account to Mac mail in the same way you add POP or IMAP account you are currently using.

  1. First, you have to launch the system preference by just clicking the icon in the dock.
  2. After that, you have to select internet accounts preference pane. In this page, you will find a list of email and social media. Now select the Google icon which is located at right-hand pane.
  3. Once you did, a new sheet will appear where you have to enter your Google account information.
  4. Then finally you have to click done.

Procedures to manually setup Gmail

You can also set up the email for Gmail account. But make sure there is no any kind of automated method so you have to setup manually. For this:

  • For account type: choose IMAP
  • For email address: [email protected]
  • For password: here you have to enter your Gmail password
  • For username: enter your Gmail address
  • For incoming mail server:
  • For outgoing mail server:

Once you did all these activities, now you are able to access your Gmail account. But in case if you find any type of difficulty, don’t hesitate to call technical experts for quick and reliable assistance.

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