How do I resolve G-Talk Error 101?


G-Talk, that is also abbreviated as Google Talk or Google chat, which is very well used for instant messaging service. This application is mostly available for Microsoft Window, Blackberry, Android & Chrome OS operating system. This facilitates you to chat and hold the video conference with your friends from the window desktop. It doesn’t matter your reader using G-talk or not, they can also get in touch with you through the web page as long as you are signed into your G-talk account.

How to solve Google Talk error 101?


But in most of the scenario, some technical troubles have been occurring in G-Talk which suddenly stops apps and games from updating and installing from your android mobile and tablet. And this is none another than its Google Talk error 101. This error frequently crashes the active program in the window. Might be possible your PC frequently crashes with error 101 when it running the same program. Through this, window runs and respond slowly either your system freezes for a second.

This issue affects the user task and due to this reason, users are not able to perform their work again. In this complicated situation, a user didn’t understand what he will do to overcome this problem.

Useful tricks to get rid your 101 error G-Talk

Well! Here I am sharing some of the best tips to get rid your 101 error by following the below post.

  • First of all, you have to repair all registry entries associated with error 101.
  • You can also scan your PC.
  • Clean your all junk files and folders.
  • For easy work, you can also update your PC device driver.
  • To avoid the 101 error, run window system file checker.

This is all about a fix or prevents from 101 error.

How to defeat the fault of G-Talk?

But here I will explain how to overcome the problem of G-talk by following step by step solution.

  • Clear all the cache
  • Frequently move to “Setting” option, then “Application” here you will see the option of “Manage Application” then select “All”.
  • After that go to “Google service framework” & select “Clear data & clear cache” for the purpose of removing all the data regarding Google service framework.
  • Now visit to “Google play store” and select the same “Clear data & clear cache” for the purpose of removing all kind of data regarding Google service framework.

What to do if you want to remove your G-Talk account?

Now here require to remove your account and set it up again.

  • For account removing, visit to “Setting” then “Account” after that “Google” and select your “Account”.
  • Then move to “Menu” and select “Remove account” then “Add your account”
  • Now restart your mobile or update either download.

Hopefully, your problem will solve by following the above simple steps.

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