How to Recover Stolen or Hijacked Gmail Account?


Gmail is offering many useful features to free and premium account user and that why its is famous all over the world for excellent services and features and most important thing is Gmail is most secure over there are many security credentials which help to keep secure Gmail email account if you are one of the users who is using Google account so must follow all the points of security checklist. There are many hackers keep eye over your email account if you are account is not secure so they can easily be hijacked your email account or stole important information from your email account like important document file, remove important emails, stole bank password etc. so it is most important to keep your Gmail account secure and keep away all Email account hackers.

How to know your Gmail account has been compromised or stolen or hijacked?


There are many Gmail account users who are struggling to recover hijacked or stolen Gmail account but they don’t get correct resolution so they need to a place where they can get complete support to recover their Gmail account which is stolen by unknown person don’t worry we help you to resolve this issue, follow the process step by step and easily recover you stolen or hijacked Gmail account.

  • If unusual activity notification received on your email account such as login by unauthorized person
  • If received notification about your username or password was changed
  • Unable to getting emails
  • If red bar is shown at the top of your email account that says “we have detected suspicious activity on your email account”.
  • Your colleges or friends received spam email messages from your account
  • Messages are shown in email SentBox but not sent by you.
  • Last email account activity shows sign-In activity at unusual times, unusual computer and devices.
  • Gmail settings are changed such as vacation responder, signature, forwarding, filters etc. but not changed by you.
  • Videos uploaded on youtube channel but not uploaded by you.
  • From your wallet account you see payment instruments like bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards or gift card but not recognize on your account or money transfer received to your account so must check you

What will you do if all these activities show in your Gmail account? 

If you Login details not changed or you can still sign into Gmail account.

Secure your Gmail account

If you feel that your Gmail account is compromised and you are able to login into Gmail account so quickly change your Gmail account password then complete the security checkups of your email account and make sure that hackers can’t again access your email account, if  you see recent security-related activity on your account and the devices, apps etc. are connected to your email account so remove that device and apps that is not recognized by you.

Again Login into Gmail account

After securing your Gmail account in the proper way, you must sign in again on each device and browser that gives you full access to Google Gmail account.

Remove virus from your email account

If you still see that your account is compromised so maybe your computer is infected by a virus and it is possible that hackers easily use your system remotely so remove all virus from your computer help of antivirus software and reinstall your operating system.

If unable login into your account

If you are unable to sign into your email account so fill out Gmail account recovery form, Gmail team check your request as fast as possible.

If red bar show at the top of your email account

If red bar is showing on the top of your screen that says “we have detected suspicious activity on your account” that means it may hackers trying to access your email account and that’s the reason google show this message so it is most important to know about all the security threat.

Google is always recommending that just click that red link bar which will show you a list of the devices which you recently used to detect anything suspicious.

After reviewing your all devices users can easily dismiss the red bar by choosing the X sign.

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  1. My gmail account hacked by someone he has changed all recovery phone no and gmail, now i can’t access my gmail id and can’t recover also. once i am going to recover it one mail gose to my gamil id but the hacker click canceling the request. that why i can’t recover also. so at the movement what i can do ? have any other solution for recover my gmail id?

    • In the present time, thousands Gmail account is hacking daily. It is very dangerous and serious issues of the customer, don’t ignore it otherwise you can be lost to your account and under details permanently.

      How can you solve to this Gmail query? Or what is suitable way don’t take tension you can recover to your Gmail account once again by these process

      1. Open Gmail
      2. Click on “Can’t access your account”
      3. Select “I don’t know my password”
      4. Enter your E-Mail ID and click on “Continue” button
      5. Enter the Captcha as shown
      6. Click on “Continue” button
      7. When “Reset your password using the verification method below:” appears, click on hyperlink
      8. “Verify your identity” from the line “Can’t access any of these recovery options?
      9. Verify your identity by answering multiple questions about your account.”

      • What to do if the person have change all the recovery option details than how we can access the account…Than how we can recover my Gmail account

  2. I have changed my gmail countless time in the past few months and I believed it has still been hijacked or something yet I can still access it. Also reason being is that my best friends and my dad keeps getting emails from me and I am NOT sending them emails at all. Is there anyway this can be fixed or something please. Thank you in advance.

  3. Dear Sir/ Mam, As on 07th Feb. 2017 on time app. 10:50 pm to 11:10 pm someone used my account for sending the many useless or suspicious links to others by email, i dont know who did i request you please check it find out the person and also share that person details with me..ASAP..THANKS

    • If you have shared to your account details with anyone like your friends, or any other person then it can dangerous for your who misuse to your account anytime. So I request you don’t share to your account information to anybody. I you see any suspicious activity in your account then immediately change to your account password by these steps:

      1. Open your Gmail account
      2. Go to setting
      3. Search account and import tab
      4. Click on change password

      Or you can also check to your account details by following instructions:

      1. Go to your Gmail account
      2. See in the bottom
      3. Click on details
      4. Here you see complete information of your account like browser details, location and date & time.

  4. Hello , my gmail have been hacked by some one and he changed all the seciurity information and now I’m not able to access my email any more . When I’m trying the steps mentioned above a message pop up that they can’t verify that this account belongs to me . I have the email that I recieved when I created that gmail account and I can forward it to the customer service to proof that the account belongs to me I need help . I sent many emails to google support but without action taken

  5. Someone hacked my Gmail account ,changed the password ,the recovery email and the recovery phone number.I am in deep trouble right now because I have all my important stuffs right there,my wife’s interview documents ,my PayPal info, my bank details ,right now I am so helpless.I have tried all the things listed above but none worked,kindly assist me please

  6. Someone in Dayton Ohio has hacked my account antonioterry827[@] , I only need my account to get the apps that I paid for from google play. When I called customer service they hung up on me. Facebook still uses my address with 827 to access my Facebook. I’m in Los Angeles not Ohio. Please someone help me Thank you Antonio Lamont Gerry

  7. Hi, As on 28th Apr. 2017 on time app. 09:39 pm to 09:53 pm someone used my account for sending the many useless or suspicious links to others by email, i dont know who did i request you please check it find out the person and also share that person details with me..ASAP..THANKS

  8. Device model: Samsung A3 (SM-A310F) I have never owned such a device. I have not willing given my log in to anyone!

  9. Hi team,

    Help me, since my Samsung J7 was stolen (7/4/17) a new device has been detected on my recent activity report provided by you. I since have implemented the two step log in process, changed my password and remotely swiped all my data from the J7. Till this day, a Samsung A3 (SM-A310F) has accessed my account according to the activity log you provide. I cannot successfully remove or swipe the phone back to its factory settings, as I so wish to do. Help me get this bugger out of my life.

  10. My gmail account is compromised by a fraud person. He changed all the settings, even recovery numbers and emails.
    I lost all my excess to gmail. Even google isnt helping me.
    When it comes to multiple questions, the prompt goes on his number, replying with no.
    Even thru those multiple questions, i am not able to gain success.
    Kindly help me in this concern, as i get important mails to that gmail account.

  11. hi
    i lost my gmail password. unfortunately i didn’t add any mobile number and gmail ID. when i try the old password it’s not working. Can some one help me out

  12. I need some live person to help me. Not this. I haven’t been able to get in my account for months. It says my name is wrong and wtf I know my name. The phone number is old I can’t use it. And all my questions aren’t working. I want to regain ownership to my account. I tried answering the 900 questions now I’m frustrated and I mad. I need some help please.

  13. I got a message on my mobile that my password has been changed after which i cant access my gmail account. I think my account has been hacked. I tried the recovery process several times but it says google cant verify your account. What should i do now. I am really worried. On my backup email i got a message regarding the same with ip address place and time the password was changed. But i really cant do anything. Need urgent help

  14. Helo mam / sir
    I need help from my gmail account was hacked its password was changed nine days ago and even recovery email nd ph no was also changed hoe could I get it back plzzzzz help me

  15. someone has hacked my gmail and I am not able to log in at ALL!! I am not able to fill out the account recovery form as it does not recognize my email. When I attempt to enter my email, it shows up in a different language after entering my email then says it sent recovery email to a hot mail account that I do not have!! I am in desperate need of help in what to do!!!!

  16. Madam I have problem madam please help me my I’d is [email protected] madam this I’d is hacked anyone person I don’t know madam who take my I’d . please help me that person put it the Two step verification that mobile number I don’t know what number please help me I want to the account madam [email protected] this is my hacked I’d please recover me soon

    • Don’t worry, Mr. Sohail first thanks for patience…You can sort out to your problem by the following process

      1. Open website on any browser
      2. Now, search need help option it will get you near sign in button
      3. Click on it and you will enter a new side
      4. At the present, Choose to I have forgotten my account password and type here you email address
      5. Select password recovery alternative by alternate email address
      6. Get code by mail on your alternate email id from Google
      7. Type to that code and recover to your Gmail account id by the following process

  17. hello I’m Advaith from India my account have been used by someone and has changed my password.Now I can’t sign in gmail and also while trying to recover my account I cannot verify myself.
    my email I’d is advaithpk10[@]
    please help me to get my account back

    • If after go into your verification code you are getting “Google couldn’t verify it’s you” this means you haven’t provided enough accurate answers about your account.

      But you can’t try to follow steps to recover your Gmail account like

      1. Do you have a recovery email assigned to this account
      2. Do you have a recovery phone number assigned to this account?
      3. Do you know the month and year you created this account?

  18. I got notification from google that someone has changed my password and signed in from not my device. Now I can not log in, because the password has been changed by someone. The telephone number as well (is not mine anymore). I have tried multiple times to reset my password giving my support email address (the same I have got the notification from google), but it says each time that google can not recognize this address! How come??? If you are sending notifications to my address you can not recognize it??? I also forgot the date I set up the gmail account 🙁 what can I do?

    • Today, Gmail account hack problem is a common occurrence that face by a number of clients this time they can’t access to their account and also lost to all important message that you have saved in their email account. Don’t ignore this error it can be dangerous for you, get solution here

      1. First of all, you need to open Gmail website and now click on “need help” alternative

      2. Now, you can choose ways of recovery account like “I don’t know my password”

      3. Click on it and type your email id and last account password details
      4. Get code on your mobile phone or email address and click on it

      Now your account will be open. If you have the problem then you can choose to password assistance page click on and there you can type the answer to the question which will help you for recovery to your Gmail account.

  19. Over the weekend I received an email that said I had requested that my Gmail account was to be closed. I did not request this. I tried to get help from several of the online services and they wanted a huge fee to help me. I cannot pay any fee for help. I learned that three different people in 3 different states we’re using my Gmail account. I do not want my Gmail account closed but I do want the hackers to be stopped. I was told that changing my password would not help. I need help with this as I did not request that my Gmail account be deactivated. Will someone get back to me about this. I have tried all day to get information from various online services that are offered but they all want money to do anything. I don’t think I should have to pay anyone to help me with this issue. I don’t remember my password because I’ve had this account for several years and never had a problem until now. I also learned that the hackers can get all my personal information and steal my identity. Can someone get back to me and help figure this out. Thank you

  20. Please assist. I cannot access my other gmail account. It says account does not belong to me. I’ve tried all options on the recovery form but to no avail. I dont knowcwhat else to do. Please help.


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