Recover Hacked Yahoo Email Account & Best with Easy Steps


If you ever feel the security of your Yahoo Mail Account has been compromised, you need to perform certain recovery measures and you need to do as soon as possible. A hacked email account can lead to several major losses, including important data theft. It is easy to recognize whether your account is hacked by looking at its signs and symptoms. Whenever you come across any such signs, you must secure your account immediately before it causes you any harm. In this article, it is discussed about the various symptoms of a hacked Yahoo Mail Account and how to recover and secure, how to Fix Yahoo Temporary Error  such account or Recover Hacked Yahoo Email Account .

Signs of a hacked Yahoo EMail Account


There are some very common signs that are indications of your account being hacked. Some of these warning signs are given below:

  • The messages are not coming to your inbox.
  • Your email settings changed on their own.
  • You get messages about different login locations on your recent activity page.
  • Spam messages are being sent to your contacts.

Recover a hacked Yahoo EMail Account in Easy Steps

The simple step solution to recover your hacked Yahoo Mail Account is given below. Follow these steps to “Recover Hacked Yahoo Email Account “ secure the account if you discover any of the signs as discussed above.

  • Go to the Yahoo sign in page and click the ‘trouble signing in?’ link.
  • Enter your registered phone number or recovery email and click on ‘continue’.
  • A verification code will be received on the phone number or email id, as entered.
  • Click ‘Yes, text me an Account Key’ for a phone number or ‘Yes, send me an Account Key’ for email id.
  • Submit the verification code and click on ‘verify’.
  • Now select your account if asked to do so, login into your account and change your password.

The steps given above works on both desktop where you login through a web browser or on mobile where you login through the Yahoo mail app.

Precautionary measures to prevent the hacking issues

There are certain things that you can do to make your Yahoo account more secure. Some of the measures are mentioned here.

  • Try to use ‘account key’ for login to your account. it offers more security and also you do not need to remember your password.
  • If you login using a password, create a password strong enough that is not easy to guess. Try to avoid names and date of births as your mail password.
  • Change your password form time to time to enhance account security.
  • Do not install malicious software in your device and do not fall for phishing emails.
  • Always try to use a trusted device for opening your mail and do not forget to sign out once you are done.
  • Never save your password on a device other than yours.

If you have forgot your Yahoo Email Password there is Simple steps for How to Reset a Forgotten Yahoo! Email Password

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