Reason for Bellsouth Emails Won’t Send from Microsoft Outlook Account


Outlook is a famous email service in modern time and many youngsters are using it for different purposes such as sending emails, share files and videos. Microsoft provides this email service for their users. After adding email account of another service to Outlook account, they can send or receive all emails from other accounts. You can also add Bellsouth email account, but sometimes it creates a problem in sending emails. It shows a problem “Bellsouth emails won’t send from Microsoft Outlook Account”. It is a simple problem and if you are facing in your Outlook email account, you can resolve it easily by applying simple method.

How to troubleshoot Bellsouth email not sending by Outlook?


To resolve this problem, you can make some changes in your Outlook email account settings. After applying all necessary steps, you can easily send Bellsouth emails without any problem. Follow steps sequentially to resolve the issue.

  • Log in to your Outlook account, using the email address and password.
  • Visit in File tab and select Info tab.
  • Visit in Account settings and click on Account Settings to open it.
  • In account settings, click on Change Folder.
  • Click on Change from whatever it was too inside the Change folder.
  • Select Outlook Data file and then click on Inbox button.
  • Close the dialog box and click on Send/receive.
  • Close the Outlook profile after applying necessary settings changes.

Now, it will work correctly and will send every mail. It may be Bellsouth or others email service.

I hope! After reading an entire article, your problem may be resolved. If it is resolved, you can send a feedback message. If it still exists, you can contact with Bellsouth Email Customer Service for more beneficial information. Visit

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