How do you overcome the problem of Sending and Receiving Mail Limits in Gmail?


Gmail is one of the most popular and free webmail service providers. The features and services which are offered by Gmail, you can’t find in any other webmail services. However, through this, we can send and receive the emails within a second. By this mail service, a single client can send and receive the unlimited message in same time. Today, it is the secure method to message split.

What happens if Gmail reaches the limit?


But could you think what happens if Gmail reaches the limit in terms of receiving the emails? Make sure the users are not able to receive any new emails and he feels account degradation. Such as slow searching, the incoming messages are bounced and back to senders etc. Here I am showing you email limits for different time periods. Such as:

  • In Gmail, you can receive 60 emails per minute.
  • 3600 emails per hour
  • 86,400 emails per day.
  • And if we are talking about mail size, so you can receive up to 50 MB of files in your Gmail folder. And apart from that, if it reaches the limit then a problem has occurred.

Similarly, in the case of Mail Sending the following error has been occurred like:

  • It intimates you have reached a limit for sending the mail
  • Or, you have reached a Gmail sending limit
  • Or, you exceeded the maximum recipients.

If you reach out of these limits then surely you are not able to send the emails till 24 hours. Here I describe some mail sending limits.

  • Per day you can send 2000 emails.
  • The messages which automatically forwarded from another account are 10,000.
  • The message who’s too, Cc, and Bcc fields are 100

Here you have also known one thing, what are the daily and hourly mail sending limits on your server.

  • If there is any Comcast business customer, so they can send up to 1000 messages per day.
  • Through Go Daddy email server you are capable of sending 250 outgoing email per day.

So what the person will do if he wants his monthly newsletter out to 5000 but his ISP sends up to 500 emails daily.

  1. Remember one thing; in this case, you have to contact the host of your SMTP mail server.
  2. You can use outgoing SMTP service such as SMTP2Go for the large email campaign.
  3. You can also find any web hosting company who meets according to your need.

And last but not least, for any kind of issue just call to technical support. If you have the problem to Sending and receiving failed in Gmail then the customer can solve their problem in the very short period of time.

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  1. I am unable to receive my gmail it has been going on for a week or longer, I’ve rebooted my phone several times and still not working correctly…..please help me resolve this issue asap, thank you


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