Need of Recovery Email & How to change our Gmail Recovery Email address


Need of Recovery Email & How to change our Gmail Recovery Email address: Gmail is a good Email service because it provides a platform to their users to share his/her personal documents, file, photos, messages etc. to their friends and family members. So there is a need to secure valuable data to the third party. Third party members can change our data and also misuse. Therefore, Gmail provides 2-Step Verification adds an extra layer of security to your account. So nobody can hack our data.

Why we forget our password?


In modern time every person connects with the social sites and every application has different email address & different password. So as a human being we can’t remember every password and recovery Email address. Every person has many accounts like Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, and Orkut etc. It is not necessary that we can use all the accounts regularly. If we don’t use our account for a long period of time then it may be possible that we will forget our account password.

The need of Recover account

So there is a need of recover Email account or password to save our account blocking or deactivating. Gmail provides some easy steps to recover our account. We can change email account address also. To recover Email account there is some need of account related information. It may be the Email address, mobile number, some questions related to your personal information etc. If you follow the steps without giving wrong information then you can recover your account. We should check our recovery email account time to time. There is a need for recovery account also activate because OTP will be sent to your Recovery email address or mobile number.

How to change our Recover Email address?

Now we are telling you some easy steps to change your recovery Email account address –

Step 1- First login the Google account. On visiting the website: –

  • After clicking the link you get a login page same as given below figure.
  • Write USERNAME& PASSWORD in given text box then press Next

 Step 2- Now follow the Path given below

  • Click on the Setting icon ->Settings->Accounts and Import->change password recovery options

Step 3- After clicking the change password recovery options we move another new page which is same as

  • Go to the middle page then you get an option Account recovery options where two new recovery option looked-
  1. Recovery email
  2. Recovery phone
  • Click on the Recovery email

Step 4- It will ask you about your Gmail password. It is mandatory to tell because it saves your account information to hack by the third person.

  • Fill the detail in the blank textbox which is darkened by the red border.
  • Then press Next

Step 5- After filling the password and pressing Next button you have seen a textbox where you have to enter a new Email address and press DONE button.

Now your Recovery Email address has been changed successfully.

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