My Gmail account is Hacked – Someone changed my Gmail password & phone number


Do you believe that someone has changed your Gmail password and phone number? Do you think your Gmail account is compromised? Have you unknowingly shared Gmail password with someone and now you can’t open Gmail? Do you want to report hacked Gmail account but don’t know how? If you are still waiting for the confirmation, then we want to say the bitter truth. Yes, you’ve guessed it right; your Gmail account is HACKED and No we are NOT KIDDING. It’s definitely a bad news but believe us when we say that you can recover your account easily. Yes you read it right, you can Recover your hacked Gmail account or Report it or close it all together. Curious much? Want to know how to fix the Gmail account hacked issue? Feel free to read the post to know the solution.

What to do when your Gmail Account is Hacked?


Recovering a hacked Gmail account is not really difficult. With the right kind of guidance you can easily perform Gmail account recovery. Do you know that What Should I Do If My Gmail Account Was Hacked? Before we dig further into that it’s imperative for us to know the different cases why you want to recover gmail account. Let’s have a look at these cases-

  • If someone has changed your Account information such as Email or Phone number.
  • If someone has deleted your Gmail account without your knowledge.
  • If you get a notification regarding an activity that you haven’t performed.
  • If you can’t access your Google account.
  • If you see a purchase you haven’t made.
  • If you’ve stopped getting mails or your username has been changed.
  • If you can’t sign-in Gmail for reasons other than mentioned above.

Here are the things you can do to get back your Hacked Gmail account-

  • Make sure to perform password recovery step (through Account recovery link).
  • Your password should not contain any personal information such as phone number, date of birth, name etc.
  • If you’ve been using the Gmail account that is now hacked and it is linked to the Bank or other such financial institutions .Then you need to alert them about the hacked Gmail account.
  • Remove the software that is causing frequent malfunctioning in your computer and install a good Anti-virus.
  • Use a secure browser such as Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox in future to avoid such mishaps.

How to recover your Hacked Gmail account?

  • Go to the “security checkup” by clicking the link.
  • Now your Gmail account will be scanned for issues (if any).
  • Report those issues by following the instructions on the page.
  • Make sure to perform account recovery procedure and 2-step verification to tighten the security loopholes.
  • Click the link to perform recover your hacked Gmail account -> Account Recovery.
  • You also need to regularly change your password to avoid it being hacked again. The password can be changed by following the link mentioned above.
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