How to Manage Contacts in Gmail?


Do you want to manage Gmail account contacts but don’t know how to do this so don’t worry get here complete process to manage all contacts of Gmail account learn here all the task step by step as given below follow all this process and manage contact list in good form. If you have a huge contact list in their Gmail account and you want to manage to these contacts in an easy way.

How do I Add a contact in Gmail Account?


Are you looking suggestion to add a contact in Gmail? Then, everyone can take help of this problem by few simple instructions like

  1. First, go to Google Contacts.
  2. Click on Add people in the bottom of right corner
  3. Next type the contact’s name
  4. Click on create option
  5. Add contact information
  6. Finally, click on save option.

The client can save maximum 25,000 contacts in their Gmail account with storage space 25MB and 50,000 shared external contacts. Find here solution to Import and Export Contacts List into Gmail Account

How to Edit a contact in Gmail account?

Sometimes user not adds correct information and wants to edit that information so edit option is also available to update contact info.

  1. First, go to Google Contacts.
  2. Now click on the contact’s name
  3. Click on edit option in the top right corner.
  4. Click on save option.

Sometimes users are unable to edit contact details that’s can’t edit because the details have come from Google profile, contacts from work, school or organization etc. Click here if Contacts list disappeared in Gmail

What are methods to delete added contacts in Gmail?

If you have added contacts by mistake so you can delete it follow this process:

  1. First, go to Google contacts
  2. Click on contact’s photo or people then check the box that shows up.
  3. If you want to delete multiple contacts at a time then check all the contacts you want to delete.

By following instructions a user can easily delete to every added contact in their Gmail account.

How to merge contacts in Gmail?

A number of times user need to merge contacts in their email account if you are one of them and require support to this problem then solve here:

  1. If the duplicate listing for the same person in Google contacts, you can merge them.
  2. First, go to Google Contacts.
  3. On the left click on find duplicates. If you don’t see find duplicates go to merge contacts in old contacts.
  4. Click on merge or merge all option in the top right corner.

How to retrieve contacts in Gmail?

You can undo changes in contacts in the last 30 days if you have deleted, synced, imported or merged contacts.

  1. First, go to google contacts
  2. Click on more> restore contacts
  3. Choose a time to go back to
  4. Click on restore option.
  5. Export & back up contacts
  6. CSV or V-card file is another option where users can easily export your contacts list if you want to back up your Google contacts.
  7. For this process go to the old version of Google contacts.
  8. Now click on more>export
  9. Check all the contacts which you want to export
  10. Now select the format you want your contacts in for backup your contacts select Google CSV.
  11. Save your file and click on export.

I hope you will solve your multiple type contacts problems of Gmail through our post like (Add a contact, Edit a contact, delete added contacts, merge contacts, retrieve contacts, etc).  For more advice, you can also get the help of technical experts.

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