I having trouble to Sending Messages or Receiving emails in Gmail Account


Sending a message or email failed is a most common issue in Gmail and this issue occurs because there are lot’s of reasons so first users have to find the correct reason then they will easily fix sending failed issue. In this post, we help you to find the reasons why Gmail users are unable to send emails one place to another so read this block carefully and get the best support to fix message sending failed issue.

Fix Bounced or Rejected Emails in Gmail


There are different types of errors are mentioned which users have to face when they send messages are:

  • send a message was delayed
  • sent message isn’t arriving at its destination
  • sent message bounced

We will talk each error one by one and try to find the reason why these issues are occurring also provide you the solution to fix that particular error. Know advance instruction for secure Gmail Error Code 758

If Gmail message was delayed so you first you must know how you are sending the message such as through the mobile device, email interface like gmail.com and third through the webmail client like (outlook or apple mail). If sent message delayed when using mobile device so you must check the configuration and settings of Gmail account in your phone like Android, Apple, window phone etc. may be error from your phone side or unable to set up account with Gmail account so you must contact customer care your phone if problem with Google apps then contact with Google Apps customer care helpline.

Unable to Send Emails in Gmail Account

If the message is sent through the mail clients so must check the email address of receiver sometimes we have type wrong address by mistake and message is not sent and we have frustrated why this happens. The user can get help to find missing lost Gmail by accurate methods. If your messages of Gmail account are being returned as undeliverable and bounce message you receive so there can be many reasons are mentioned below are so you will get a message in your inbox from Mail Delivery Subsystem ([email protected]) and the reasons are following :

  • Connection timed out
  • Could not contact DNS servers
  • The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect
  • Message rejected.
  • Gmail error code 8770
  • This Gmail user does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipient’s email address for typos or unnecessary spaces.
  • Parse Error: Illegal To address (invalid domain name)
  • The Gmail user you are trying to contact is receiving mail at a rate that prevents.
  • Gmail tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected.

So all the reasons are mentioned below so find where Gmail email delivery failure problem is occurring and fix those particular errors by yourself if not able to do this then contact with Gmail Customer Service Helpline for more help you can browse Gmail help center page https://support.google.com/mail/troubleshooter/2921561?hl=en

Know solution of Sending and Receiving Mail Limits in Gmail with accurate and simple step by step.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this useful information. I got here idea to to resolve email message sending error. I am Gmail account user from 5 years but I did not face error to sending emails but from the last week. email sending issue is occur. I got this article on Google and this is most helpful for me.

    • Are you using the Gmail account? Looking solution for your message not receiving in Gmail?

      Today a number of clients are posting to same error on website they want quick answer; if you are one of them then you can try to following steps:

      1. Check Settings = > Filters
      2. Make sure Settings = > Forwarding
      3. Ensure Settings = > Accounts = > Change Account Settings = > Other Google account settings = > Connected apps & sites = > MANAGE APPS.

      By following, tips customer can plainly resolve to their difficulty for more ideas or suggestion type here any question.

  2. My account settings aren’t working. I’m not able to recieve emails as if Feb. 1st. When someone sends me email it says error. I cant send mail. I keep getting notifications, one after another that theres mail, but there isnt. Emailing me a help message wont do me any good. Ive tried everything. My number is 515 4010609

    • It will technical fault of Gmail account, or may be internet connection error whatever if you want quick resolution of your hitch then you needs know complete steps if you want then use to following process
      Behind this issue may be many reasons such as

      General errors

      (1) Quotation marks
      (2) Dots at the end of the address
      (3) Spaces before or after an address
      (4) Spelling errors
      (5) Message flagged as spam
      (6) Message text or links look suspicious
      (7) Added a large group of recipients to “Cc” or “Bcc”

      Solve to your hitch by following steps:

      1. Remove links to websites
      2. Emailing a large group, create a contact group, then email that group
      3. Report the problem

  3. I’m not able to send emails via my account on my mobile phone I have cleared the cache and reinstalled and still unable to send.

  4. please gmail have block me from sending mail to my contact and its very important.. i will be glad if i can find solution to this

  5. Hi I am having problems with my Gmail account, I have never had this issue before and have been using it with the current addresses for the past 18 months.
    I am trying to send emails to my bosses at work but they will not send and get stuck in the outbox coming up with a label: “queued”, I have tried to refresh them by pulling down at the outbox list and it will come up with sending as the little arrow turns around then stops and becomes “queued” again. I have sent a test email to my mother’s tablet and it went without problem at her house after I tried sending my work email from her wifi and it did the same thing. I really need to solve this problem as it is necessary for me to have this means of communication for my work. I have checked my settings to see if I have accidentally set something to block these emails from being sent but can find nothing obvious. I have even gone through my emails and trashed a lot to try to clear it out to see if this has been affecting my system. I have even tried to send these emails from both of my devices – Samsung S4 and Lenovo Tablet.
    I would really appreciate your help with this issue.
    I look forward to hearing from you regarding this, my mobile phone number is 0425737794 if this is a better way to contact me.
    Rhonda Hough.

  6. I have had no “new mail” for four days. I normally receive 50 -100 a day. Some are time sensitive and must be quickly attended too. It is imperitive to continue receiving emails quickly or I will have serious problems. Please help! I am a computor dummy and have no idea as how to fix this problem.

  7. If you have a problem to unable to send a message on Gmail then you can attempt simple tips:

    1. Make sure your Internet connection is working well or not
    2. Check email address should be the spelling error, space, dot, etc.
    3. If you add a number of group of recipients to “Cc” or “Bcc”

  8. Sir m having issue with my Gmail account as m not able to receive or send mails through Gmail since 30th july.pls help me how can I resolve it.

  9. I am not able to sent the messages showing error failed and also not reflecting receive messages in my mail box since 4 days

  10. hi, am not able to send messages since yesterday , may be i was hacked am not sure , can someone help me ?
    thank you


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