I can’t access my Gmail Account on computer, Android phone, iPhone, Chrome and Laptop.


Gmail users have to face many technical issues to using Gmail account where “I can’t access my Gmail account”, Why can I not open Gmail on my computer, Google can’t verify my account is one of complicated and not easily solved by users so need to a place where they can know the reasons and solution to fix this Can’t access my Gmail Account from another computer technical issue. A number of reasons can be behind this trouble when a customer can’t access to Gmail account. But commonly is like the wrong password, an email address is incorrect, or another technical fault etc.

How to fix can’t access Gmail Account on Computer/Laptop?


If you are a user of Gmail account which is using to their account on Desktop/Computer, but unfortunately currently you can’t access your Gmail account from long time or past time. No worries, you can secure your Gmail account by Gmail account recovery form instructions. Or maybe the reason of I can’t access my Gmail account on my computer, can’t access Gmail on a laptop but not laptop like

  • The user has forgotten the password.
  • A number of times users think somebody is using your Gmail account.
  • User having problem with 2-Step Verification.
  • User not capable to reset a password with a code by text.
  • You recognize your username and password, but you can’t sign in.
  • You forgot your username or the email address you use to sign in.

These are the common occurrence that faces a user that reason they are not successful to log in their Gmail account.

3 methods to solve can’t access my Gmail Account on android phone and iPhone

Today, everyone prefers android mobile phone and iPhone to check there are emails but sometimes users have a technical issue to configure Gmail account in the mobile device and them online search answer of “Can’t sign into your Google Account“. We help you to find the best answer to solve this problem by this online procedure.

  1. First check you have to enter correct email and password which using on a desktop
  2. Also, check your password is not old.
  3. Follow the 2 step verification process to configure Gmail account into phone device.

Unable to access Gmail account on a particular browser

Sometimes Gmail users How to Unlock my Gmail Account on particular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome so there are some points should remember to “google can’t verify my account on chrome”.

  1. Remove all cookies of chrome browser.
  2. Check your email address and password, it should be correct.
  3. Make sure system time/date is correct.
  4. Scanned your system for viruses, Trojans
  5. Check proxy did not enable in proxy settings.
  6. Turn firewall off
  7. Turn antivirus off
  8. Update chrome latest version.

If your problem is not solved by following all above method then you should immediately contact to Gmail helpline and get the best suggestion by Gmail.

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  1. Hello I’m in the Military. I have the two step process attached to my cell phone and I’m out to sea. I cannot verify the info ask by google but I need to get on to my account. Please help

  2. My phone has been stolen and I don’t remember my password and can’t get new one on old number. I put in an alternative email and it says you sent me an email twice but I still have not received it

  3. Hello sir / madam,
    I am finding it hard time responding messages to my contacts.
    When I try sending a reply message to a contact it keeps telling me Opps something went wrong
    (Recent changes have been not been saved)
    Can you advice me pls.Talk soon

  4. Good day. I would like to know why my account is sbowing error when I try to access ny personal information of gmail. I already cleared my cookies and catche still the same problem. The two accounts was deleted and then activated again after a while both are link to each other..plz help me.

  5. Hi my name is maria vega i am having trouble signing in to my account i have alrwady done every step that ive been ask to follow but i get that google couldnt verify your information but my username is correct in juat cant seem to remember my password please i need your guys helping i have all of my kids photos backup under my username that why i beg for your help

    • If you are using to Gmail account on desktop/ laptop/ mobile or any other device then you can make use of the following process

      1. Open to your Gmail account
      2. After a short period of time, your account will open
      3. Now, you can click on your profile pictures and look there sign out button, click on it
      4. After click sign out button your account will log out from single device

      If you also want log out to your account from any other device then you will sign apply to the following process.

  6. Hi I’m Vijay bhawale
    My password are remember.l have completed to forgot password steps but not activated my mail account please help me my recover mail ID.


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