How to use Google Duo on PC?


In terms of search engine, we found lots of search engines like Yahoo, Bing, duck-duck-go and many other. But do you know who is known as a giant search engine? If I am not wrong then surely your answer would be Google. Yes! Only Google is the largest and giant search engine which provides well-advanced features for their users. Some of its amazing features are Gmail, Google Hangout, Google drive, Google docs etc. And now Google comes with one fantastic feature called Google duo.

What is the use of Google duo?


The Google due is basically a video chat which is available for Android and iOS operating system which is developed in the year of 2016. Some of its advanced features are:

  • Their videos are in 720p HD video.
  • It is based on user phone number, it allows the users to call people from their contact list.
  • The Google due is automatically switched between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

If you desire to make use of Google duo on mac & windows then it will also possible by few steps for it’s you can read more suggestion here Google duo for mac, Google duo for windows 10.

Process to use Google duo on Computer/Laptop

But beside these features and advantages, we forget one thing, how to use Google duo on PC? Well, this is a new feature of Google that’s why the most user didn’t know about that how to use it. Make sure if you want to runs Google duo in your PC and laptops then there is the requirement of NOX app player and Google duo APK.

  1. You have to download the NOX app player on your PC and once it downloaded the click on setting icon.
  2. Now it setting you have to enable the root access and leave the program restart itself.
  3. Once it restarted, then add your Google account’s details by proceeding to setting-account-add account
  4. Now what you will do, just drag and drop the Google duo APK on NOX player window.
  5. After doing this what you will see, a new window popped up. Then open APK folder option from it and open the file in the file manager of NOX.
  6. Then click on Google duo APK file and scroll down until you find install button and let the installing process go on.
  7. And if the above installing process is completed then you can simply start the Google duo on your PC.

By the following process, you can know the procedure to use Google duo on pc, but if you need more help then connect technical experts.

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