How to Setup/ configure Gmail Account with Outlook, Mac Mail and other Email Client?


If you are Gmail user who wants to see Gmail messages using email clients like Microsoft outlook, apple or mac mail, Mozilla Thunderbird even not online, that process is called POP and IMAP and it is free for all Gmail users. You can easily configure your Gmail account with Outlook, Mac or another mail service without any pay charge. It will possible by few steps which we will tell you in this post.

How to see all email to Gmail account on all devices anytime?


Experts always recommended using IMAP if it is possible because this is the excellent way to see all mail anytime on all devices like Android, Apple and iPad if IMAP is not available then POP also use for settings.

How to Enable IMAP in Gmail Google Account?

Users can retrieve Gmail messages with a mail client that supports IMAP, like Microsoft outlook and mac mail.

  1. First sign into Gmail account.
  2. Now click on the gear icon which top right corner.
  3. Select settings option
  4. Click on Forwarding and POP/ IMAP option.
  5. Select Enable IMAP option.
  6. Click on Save option

IMAP setting is not available if using Basic HTML view of Gmail. Users always use a standard view to enable IMAP setting.

How to Enable POP in Gmail Account Settings?

If you want to read Gmail messages in the Email client that supports POP such as Microsoft outlook. Follow steps to enable POP settings:

  1. Login to Gmail account
  2. Click on settings top right corner.
  3. Click on forwarding and pop/ IMAP option
  4. Now select enable POP all emails or Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on.
  5. Now choose what you want to do with your messages after POP client or device receives them. We always recommend the first option; keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox.
  6. Click on Save changes button.

Sometimes users forgot to select radio button where options should be selected, Gmail shows the status next to “POP status:” so you should always enable POP than status will show: POP is enabled.’ If POP settings are turned off then status will show POP is disabled, after enabling POP settings in Gmail you need to configure your client mail. For configuring email client you have to go mail client settings and make sure configuration settings are done.

If any want to process to sign up Gmail account then he can resolve their query in the exceptionally trouble-free way.

Look at this online video tutorial for Setup/Configure Gmail Account with Outlook, Mac Mail, and other Email Client

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