How to overcome of the problem of Gmail error code 8770?


When you trying to send any message to your friends, relatives, any business person etc & at the same time you will get an error message which says that “error code 8770” this means you are no longer to send any kind of messages. This particular error has occurred only when you send the file or messages whose size is too large. In this case, a message occurs on your screen which intimates that the message or file you are sending is too large.

Some cause of error 8770

  • If there is not enough space in your outbox
  • If the message or file size is too large
  • If the file or message size is more than 25MB in size

Here you are required to delete all the oversized messages from your outbox and immediately delete all message. Do one thing; check the size of the message which you want to send and make sure the size of message or file is not more than 25MB in size.

How to solve the error 8870 in Gmail?

  1. First, go to your Gmail account through your login credentials like email address and password.
  2. Once you enter here, just click on compose option to write or send any new email. After that click on attaches option which is located at bottom of the email.
  3. Now choose the file which you want to send and click on send button.

How to fix the error 8770 in Gmail?

If your Gmail attachment is not successfully uploading or you are not able to send that Gmail attachment then might be possible error 8770 has occurred. Here is share some solution tips to overcome this problem.

  1. Try to use some supported web browser for your Gmail account. The Gmail support only best web browsers such as internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  2. If your web browser is not working then try to send your files or message from other web browsers.
  3. Sometimes due to the proxy setting, this problem has occurred. So, try to turn off your proxy setting. If you are using Google Chrome then:
  • Open customizer and controls Google Chrome and select the setting on the left side. After that search for network and choose to change proxy setting
  • Then select the LAN setting button and unchecked “use a proxy server for your LAN and click on OK button
  • Here your proxy setting is disabled now.

However, a user is troubling to Gmail error code 8770 then following the method he can quickly get answers and help to their technical query like my “oops” Gmail error, Gmail Error Code 758. It is very simple procedures no doubt.

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