How to increase the Outlook Mail Attachment Size Limit?


In modern time, everyone has large size files. It may be the photos, videos, documents and PDF files. Due to the electronic revolution clarity of the files increases day by day. Everyone is using high-quality cameras, which takes the large size of memory with high definition resolution power. So the size of media files increases vigorously. In ancient time we were using a file with KB size, but in modern time, MB size file also not sufficient for the person. Everyone has personal photos, videos, and documents. We are communicating with each other using social sites like Gmail, Outlook, twitter etc. If we send or receive the high definition file then we should increase the limit of sending or receiving file size.

Problems to send a large file-


Every social site has a definite file size. Nobody allows you to send any size file. So we should use a file of a size which is not more than the limit of a site. When you send a file of size more than 20 MB on Outlook. You will receive a message “The file you are attaching is bigger than the server allows. Try putting the file in a shared location and sending a link instead.”

If you want to send a large size file then you have to follow some steps.

The First solution to send a large size file-

  • By using cloud service

Cloud service is an efficient way to save your documents and file. You can use a cloud service such as (One drive) and can upload all the files and documents on cloud service by using account details. When you want to send the file of size more than 20MB then you can share the link to the file. It is the easiest method to solve the issue.

The second solution to increase the size limit

Now we are providing another solution to solve your problems. We can some change in the directory tree of the system to increase the size limit.

It is also a simple method but not easy at first.

  • First, you have to open the outlook app in your system.

Follow the steps-

Step1. Press the keyboard button window + R.

Then a window will open same as given below.

  • Now type regedit in the given text box same as shown in the picture.
  • Then press the OK button.

Step2. After pressing the OK button you get a Registry Editor.

  • Press YES button when you enter into the Registry Editor.

Now you have to follow some path to change the settings.

  • This is the picture of the Registry Editor.
  • Now you have to follow any one path given below.



Note: – You are creating a manual path in the Registry Editor if it does not currently exist. Then you have to create.

Step3- If you are enters the system Registry Editor.

  • Find the document file with name:- Maximum AttachmentSize.
  • If you get the file then fill the limit of the file size.

If you can’t get the file then you have to create a new file.

Open Registry Editor -> Edit -> New -> DWORD (32-bit) value. From the menu.

  • Enter “MaximumAttachmentSize”.
  • Press the Enter Button.
  • Now double-click the MaximumAttachmentSize value.
  • Now enter the desired data limit into the value data.
  • Click OK button.

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