How to Fix: Unable to Attach File and Attachment won’t upload in Outlook Mail?


Microsoft Outlook is one of the most preferred email services around the world. The interface and processing of outlook are considered quite smooth, but occasionally users have to face many annoying errors while using it. One such common problem that Outlook users have to face is, sometimes the users are unable to attach the file to a new message in outlook. It is highly probable that this error is caused due to Microsoft Silver light issue in the browser or the web browser itself is not compatible with MS Silver light. If you are also unable to attach the file to outlook 365 or any other version of outlook then this article is just for you. Here, we are providing some simple instruction that you may follow to fix such errors.

Some common reasons why such problems are arising

  1. Size of the Attachment is too big: In case the size of the file to be attached is more than 20 MB, then attachment won’t upload in outlook Mail. You may consider dividing the file content to make it smaller.
  2. Internet Provider Blocking the Domain: Sometimes, the network administrators or Internet providers block the domain used by email services to host the attachments. Contact your network administrator or Internet provider in such cases.
  3. Selection Window goes to Background: If the selection window goes to background, the file to be uploaded will not appear. You can minimize or close all the opened tabs to find the selection window.
  4. Anti Virus blocking the attachment: Some antivirus also causes problems while uploading the attachment in outlook mail. The user may try and re-upload the attachment after disabling the antivirus in such cases.
  5. Extension of the file is not compatible: Users will be unable to attach file and attachment won’t upload in outlook mail if the extension of the file is considered suspicious by outlook.

How to get rid of “Outlook won’t let me add attachments” error?


If you cannot attach files outlook then it is highly possible that there is a conflicting Silverlight issue with your browser. You may try the following steps to get rid of this issue.

  • Visit the page from the problematic browser. This page will automatically detect if the Silverlight is installed on your computer or not. It will also detect the version of Silverlight in case it is already installed.
  • If the page displays the message such as “Silverlight is not installed” or “Silverlight is below 5.1.2” then install/update the Silverlight from the links available on the page.
  • Update the browser in case your browser is not compatible.

Sometimes user complaints that they are Unable to Attach File and Attachment won’t upload in Outlook Mail even though they have updated Silverlight installed. Such users have to optimize their browser for Silverlight.

Follow the steps given below if updated Silverlight version is installed

  • First of all, uninstall Silverlight from your browser. It can be done through “Manage Add-ons” options available at the top right corner of Internet Explorer or by typing chrome://plugins/ in Google Chrome browser.
  • Now clear your browser’s cookie/cache memory and enable/reinstall Silverlight this may enable you to attach your files to the new message in outlook.
  • If the above steps do not work out, you may try “private browsing” mode in your browser. In chrome, it can be easily accessed by pressing Ctrl+shift+N buttons.

If you are unable to attach the file to the new message in outlook even after following all the above-mentioned steps, then you need to contact the Outlook support team.

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