How to Exchange Hotmail Server Settings in Mobile Phone?


Nowadays, most of the youngsters are using smartphones for different purposes such as gaming, calling chatting and for surfing and browsing social sites or accounts. For downloading necessary apps, videos, audios, games from the play store app. You have to enter an email address along with their right password. Otherwise, it will not allow you to download any files or apps. So, you should set up a new one or you can also exchange Hotmail email account on your mobile phone.

The process to setup or exchange Hotmail account


Users who have more than one email account can exchange it. They can also use both of account in single mobile and can use for mailing, downloading the files. For exchanging a new Hotmail account, they can follow below-mentioned steps sequentially.

  • Open your mobile device and visit settings field by clicking Settings app.
  • Select mail, contacts, calendar tab from the list of settings.
  • Tap on Select an account tab.
  • For exchanging account, they can tap on Exchange tab.
  • Tap on Add Account… tab.
  • Enter email address in suitable place.
  • Enter the right password.
  • Tap on Next button, it will take some seconds to accessing email address information.
  • Wait for some time and then, enter domain address in the server field.
  • Hotmail account users can enter in the server field.
  • Leave the Domain field blank.
  • Tap on Next button.
  • After completing all steps, your Hotmail account successfully set up on your device.

This article contains information related to android phones. This process may vary for other android version or devices. For more reliable information, you can also consult with Hotmail Customer Service. They will provide more beneficial information related to Hotmail account setup.

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