How to Close or Delete a Gmail Account? Get Solution here


Closing a Gmail Account might sound a bit complicated to a user at first instance. However, it is not as complicated as people generally think. One can get all the necessary steps done in order to delete their Gmail account without paying anyone or taking help from a peer. Google has made things easier for its users to access any of its services easily by providing support relating to that particular service. Before diving further into this, it is important for us to know the consequences of deleting a Gmail account permanently –

  1. Once a Gmail account is deleted permanently, you can no longer access the saved messages on it.
  2. Deleting an account permanently might cause your business lose money since some people will still hold your business card with the same Gmail account that you’ve deleted.
  3. The password of the accounts or the accounts itself of different services such as Banking, social media, online shopping etc linked to your Gmail account will no longer be accessible or changed.

So before closing your Gmail account permanently it’s mandatory to de-link all other services or accounts associated with it. Here make a note that; deleting a Gmail account will not delete your Google Account. Now that we have talked of the consequences, it’s time to move ahead with the actual procedure of deleting or closing a Gmail account.

How do I remove one of my Gmail accounts?

Can you delete a Gmail account? Yes, every email clients can delete/close to their Gmail account by following simple and right instructions like

  1. Firstly, sign into Google Account using any of its services be it Gmail itself.
  2. Click the profile picture in the top right corner and select “My Account” option there.
  3. Look for “Delete Account or Services” option in the Account Preference Section.
  4. Thereafter click on the “Delete Google Account and Data” option right below the ‘Delete Products’ option.
  5. A list of Google Services linked to your Account will appear and there you’ll find ‘Gmail’ service as well.
  6. Now you’re a few steps closer to your goal, all you need to do is to click on the trash icon next to it.
  7. Once step 6 is followed, it will ask you to enter an address other than the Gmail account that you want to close or any other Gmail ID.
  8. After that click on “send verification code”.
  9. Open the Email with Google saying ‘security alert for your linked Google account’ or ‘Gmail deletion confirmation’.
  10. Clicking the link will pop another window which will ask you to enter your Gmail account (the one you want to close) if necessary.
  11. Now confirm that you want to delete the Gmail account permanently from your Google Account.
  12. Click on “Delete Gmail” option and you have successfully closed your Gmail account.

By following, guidelines can help to all Gmail account user who would like to cancel Gmail account. If you have any doubt then you can clear it with the help of Gmail Tech Support experts they will give you the instant answer to your question.

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