How to change your Gmail name?


Why is it necessary to change the username? Why users have to change the username? If sometimes you think about these questions then you can find your all question’s answer here in this post. Suppose if any of the users successfully create their Gmail account but meanwhile, he finds that something wrong in its username likes: spelling mistake or something error that’s why he wants to change their username. But it is also possible this changing process is not understood by some user just because due to lack of technical skills or if the user is new on the Gmail account.

Solve how to change the username in Gmail account


Unluckily if you are the same person who facing that type of issue so this post will help you to solve how to change the username in Gmail account. Go with the detailed solution which is mention below.

  1. Open the internet in your browser such as internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.
  2. Once it open type and goes to sign in the page of Gmail. Here you have to clearly mention your all email address and password then successfully enter in your Gmail account.
  3. Once you enter in your Gmail account, just look on the top right side where you will get the option of setting icon. Click on that icon.
  4. Now scroll down and find the setting option, once you will get hit that setting option.
  5. After that new window will appear where you will find some of the options, but you have to search the account and import tab. Once you will find click on that.
  6. In send mail section you have to click the edit option. Here add your username which you want to add.
  7. And finally, click on save button.

By this method, the user can easily change their username in Gmail.

Methods to Change their username/email address

But unfortunately users have to face the problem regarding their Gmail account like; they are not able to change their username or sometimes email sending and receiving the issue, change the Gmail Passwordhow to change your email addressHow do I change my location on my Gmail account. If these type of problem has encountered then try these steps:

  1. Check the browser: Mostly browser issue prevents you from changing the username or sending or receiving the email. So in this situation check your browser because Gmail supports best web browsers to work such as internet explorer, safari, Google chrome etc.
  2. Internet connection problem: It happens in most of the cases. You can directly contact to internet service provider or network administrator for resolution.
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