How to Attach File in Gmail Desktop, Android Phone, iPhone and Windows Phone?


A user can easily send and receive numerous messages from Gmail account free of cost. Gmail users have to commonly face the file attachment issue in their Gmail account when they using computer, mobile, android phone, iPhone, windows phone and iPad but they don’t know the reason behind it, this post can be helpful for all the Gmail users who feel the problem to attach file in Gmail email account.

Things should be remembered before attaching a file in Gmail are:


However, you are planning to attach any file then you should know related file attachment like file size limit, file extension (.jpg, .gif) etc. If you require help then learn here:

  1. First, check the file size which you are attaching with Gmail message. It should be 25 megabytes (MB) in size if it will greater the request will be failed.
  2. Users can use attach the file in Gmail from google drive if file size more than 25 MB.
  3. As a security reason to prevent potential viruses. Gmail is not allowing users to send or receive running file, first close your file then attach it
  4. Check file extension before attaching it.

Users can click here if them Gmail Account File Not Found

The process to attach File in Gmail computer or desktop follow steps as given:

A new user or non-technical clients are confused how to attach the file in Gmail from Computer/Desktop. But no worries any doubts they can get help through our post, study here

  1. Sign in or login In Gmail account.
  2. Go to Inbox compose the message.
  3. Enter the email id where you want to send it.
  4. Enter subject and write message
  5. Click on the paper clip icon as given at bottom of compose message box.
  6. Now browse your file from desktop or computer and click on it
  7. Your file will be attached.
  8. Click on the send button.

If you want to remove attached file then click on “X” sign. It all steps are very simple for sorting problem to attach the file by Computer and Desktop.

The process to Attach the file in Gmail Android Mobile Phone follows steps as given below:

Now, every client uses to their Gmail account on the mobile device the reason they can access to their Gmail account anytime. If you are troubling to attach file from android phone then you can solve to your query here by simple process

  1. Go to the Gmail app and touch on compose.
  2. Now touch the paperclip icon.
  3. Click on “Attach file” or “insert from drive” option.
  4. Choose the place where you want to pick up your file, image or picture select it.

If you want to attach more than one file and images then must compress it in Zipping then attach it. Any kind helps like how to attach a folder in Gmail, Gmail attachment failed you can also contact to Gmail tech support and know the instant solution for your problem in right way.

User can also solve their file attach in Gmail Computer or Desktop by video guidelines here


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